Solid Carbide Burr Set

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Clearance Solid Carbide Burr Set
Will cut anything except diamond
10T01.08 Solid Carbide Burr Set

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15 pieces with a variety of handy shapes all have 1/8" shanks. Solid Carbide is the hardest steel available and will cut and shape any metals except diamond material. (It will also, of course, cut softer stuff too.) Solid Carbide is expensive so these are relatively costly - but they really do those tough jobs that can't otherwise be taken care of. Highly recommended as a real value.

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Overall Rating
  • Carbide dremel bits

    Tom deVries, 10/8/2018 Terrific set of cutters. Top quality. An excellent deal.
  • 30,000 RPM vs: dremel. . .

    Chip, 10/14/2017 I don't really have anything great to add, I just want them in .0625" to fit my 30,000 rpm rotary tool. The suppliers all want me to go dental for really expensive burs.
  • A Good Set - Well Used

    Michael Young, 1/19/2015 One of my most frequently used tools is the 12 Volt Dremel tool. I have destroyed countless burrs through the years. This set of carbide burrs has been used to grind brass, mild steel, resin castings, plaster, teak, mahogany, and Ebony, as well as lexan and the occasional screw or bolt that is in the way. These burrs were sharp out of the box and have stayed sharp. I have used a wire wheel to clear the flutes after carving soft materials without any dulling of the edges. None have chipped after snagging on buried materials in the pieces I was carving. In all, they arrived sharp and have stayed that way through several projects. I would purchase another set without hesitation. The carbide has great edge retention which saves me the expense of constantly replacing the cheaper carbon steel burrs or trying to clean soft material from the inexpensive ones only to have the wire wheel dull the burr during cleaning. Another case where a slight increase in expense is rewarded by superior service.
  • Amazing Cutters!

    Kelly Grant, 1/4/2013 Attempting to slightly enlarge the interior dimensions of a SS tube (for one of my goofy projects), I destroyed a regular grinding burr and a high speed steel cutter. Determined to finish the project, I ordered the carbide grinding burr set (which I wanted anyway). The carbide cutter I selected to try readily cut away the SS with little effort and no apparent damage to the cutter. Hooray!
  • Ms.

    Jackie Reape, 1/2/2013 I was very pleased with the burrs, tried them and did just what I wanted to do as a woodcarver. They were very strong, sharp, and handled with ease.
  • Not A Steel

    Dusnoetos, 11/7/2012 Just to be technical, Carbide is NOT a steel it is a Ceramic. A ceramic that is harder than all but a few super alloys" That said, I use industrial tungsten Carbide grinding burrs in for my job. If these are even half the quality of the ones I use, you will be happy. Just one word of warning. Even though Carbide is extremely hard, It is brittle. Be careful about impacting the burrs or they will chip away.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your above review on the Solid Carbide Grinding Burrs. It was very insightful and helpful to others who wish to purchase this item. Yes, you are absolutely correct. They are indeed, technically, ceramic. We are looking into altering how this item is described on our website. Thanks again."
  • Great

    Robin Antar, 1/15/2012 They look like they will work great on the limestone, did not try yet.
  • Top Notch Product

    Bob McCarthy, 9/18/2010 These grinding burrs really are the best I've ever used. Absolutely worth the expense. I figure I actually saved money because I don't have to replace them after only a couple of tough jobs. Nice selection of profiles too.
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