Solid Carbide Sharpener and Burnisher

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Sale Solid Carbide Sharpener and Burnisher
For a fast cutting edge on all tools
02N04.02 Belt-Loop Pouch

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63C01.01 Carbide Sharpener 2 Sided

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63C02.01 Solid Carbide Burnisher

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63C02.10 Set Both Solid Carbide Tools

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Puts a quick edge on knives, scrapers, drawknives, and turning tools. Touches up chisels and plane blades. Even works superbly on gardening/agricultural tools and axes.

One side of the Sharpener is a 1-3/16" long carbide piece with an internal 75° "V". Simply stroke using modest pressure,and you'll feel it producing a sharp edge immediately. The other side is a round carbide piece, diamond-ground in a faceted helicoidal pattern. This pares off any tiny burr for a super-finished edge. The cast aluminum handle is a reference edge, and keeps your fingers safe.

Covering the complete range of burnishing work, the Burnisher has a round, specially polished smooth carbide on one side, and a round-radius triangular profile on the other, which will turn a cutting burr ultra-fast. Works on HSS turning tools. Comes in a genuine leather (colors may vary) case with complete instructions included for both. Made in France.

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Overall Rating
  • Un-turning a burr

    Janet Yang, 4/29/2019 I was given a pair of blunted garden pruners where the blade had burrs to both sides. A couple of swipes with the burnisher un-turned the burr and I was able to put a new, sharp edge on the blade.
  • Good Stuff

    CP, 2/19/2019 decent tool, build quality is there.
  • Carbide sharpener and burnisher.

    Lynn To Greene, 12/21/2017 They both look great. I bought them for a Christmas gift. I'll know more about them when the person receives them and tries them!! we
  • The best burnisher for cabinet scrapers

    Neal Walden, 10/31/2017 Finally found the perfect tool to create a hook on cabinet scrapers. Works exceptionally well. Used the 63C02.01
  • A+ burnisher

    Michael M Garrett, 10/16/2017 I've tried a number of burnishers over the years, and was never quite satisfied with my scraper's burr. The Arno burnisher works great. First time I used it I easily achieved the best burr I have ever produced, and the scraper then worked great. Very gratifying.
  • Glad I bought them

    Bob, 3/10/2017 I have at least one version of every sharpening system on the market -- wheel, stone, belt -- and honing/burnishing stuff too. These handy instruments helped put the sharpest edge in the shortest time of all the other systems. I'll use them too, but for kitchen knives especially, these items are a boon.
  • Fast as you are...

    J.C., 2/5/2017 Bought these on the recommendation of Christopher Schwarz, a woodworking writer-publisher-craft beer aficionado who concentrates on hand-made work. Not a surprise that these do the job as intended. The sharpener made quick work of the edge on a scraper from sheering off the old down to new steel and turning the burr. Voila! Back to work...
  • Unique sharpening system that really works!

    David Small, 12/16/2016 This was able to bring a good sharp edge to some knives that I had written off as trash. If you are not careful it is easy to remove material unevenly. I suggest learning on knives that you don't value too much. I am left handed and overall it works quite well. Never used sharpening system quite like this
  • Solid Carbide Sharpener and Burnisher

    Richard, 6/13/2016 I bought the combo two piece set containing a double insert carbide sharpener (CS) and a separate carbide burnisher (CB, also called "CARBUR 2" in its instruction sheet ). The website describes both tools and their carbide inserts. Additional clear instructions are included in the plastic envelope package with each device. The carbide sharpener (CS) had a 7.5 inch x 14 inch two sided professionally done fold out brochure with instructions and pictures. For the carbide burnisher (CB) the instructions were an 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" B&W mostly legible but poor quality, distorted, xerox type copy of a copy of a copy...., text only. The CB/ CARBUR 2 instructions deal principally with its use to precisely create and maintain the fine lateral burred edges on a woodworker's "card scraper", typically used instead of sandpaper. The CS came with a TAN leather open ended pouch where as the CB came in a DARK BROWN leather pouch. With some practice you will develop techniques for using the CS to sharpen and de-burr edges. You can feel the CS carbide cutting off the knife's edge steel and see the small steel tiny fragments removed. The CS's round carbide piece, diamond-ground in a faceted helicoidal pattern is then used to remove the thin burr remaining on the knife edge. Instructions say to move the rounded cutter over the fixed knife but I found moving the steak knife over the faceted helicoidal round cutter to be more effective in some cases. Read and understand the instructions to avoid damaging your knifes. I sharpened a set of stainless steak knives (with serrated edge on distal 1/3 of blade). Sequentially using both carbide insert sides of this CS, I was able to re-sharpen and de-burr a fine edge (single side bevel ) on the knives in a few minutes each. The CS cutting edge followed the serrated contours sufficiently to sharpen their knife edges as well. The CARBUR 2 contains two carbide inserts. One is a polished round insert and one is a rounded edge triangular insert. They are used to creat burred edges where as the CS round insert is used to remove burrs.
  • Good Choice w./Question

    Carl Guzowsky, 1/22/2014 The sharpener works very well once you learn the proper angle to hold it at. The burnisher is the question. I'm not sure what/how to use it. I tried it on a couple knives but could detect no difference.
  • Great Handy Sharpening Burnishing

    John R. Call, 10/11/2013
  • Outdoor tools best friend!

    CJ, 3/17/2013 Sharpener is perfect to use on cutting tools with tightly curved edges; i.e. loppers, pruners and brush hooks. It is light in weight, and will remove material faster than coarse whetstones. Very convenient for sharpening while working outdoors.
  • Best Sharpener

    Rufus Turner, 6/30/2011 I bought this tool to clean up the bevels on my copper and zinc etching plates. I start the process with a file. This tool works great, and I am using the file a lot less. My Son got it and sharpened every knife in the house. He has all sorts of things to sharpen knifes with but says this is the best. I now use it on my knifes. I am an artist and I use and cut a lot of carboard in my art. So my knife blades get dull real fast. This sharpener makes easy work of getting a deadly sharp knife in just moments.
  • Very sharp sharpener!

    LenK, 1/2/2011 Bought two sets of these carbide sharpeners for Christmas presents (and one for yours truly). They work great! I've sharpened all our kitchen and pocket knives quickly and easily. Haven't used the burnisher yet. Mildly disappointed in the size of the tools, they look bigger in the photos.
  • Best Sharpener Period!

    Dave Berger, 12/10/2009 I also bought the Carbee (pocket sharpener) at same time. Seems that the tools are pretty much identical, with the difference being the carbee is easy to carry, but a little less versatile due to its size. I love the Carbee, and I look forward to using this larger one on my shop chisels. I think its longer handle will provide more leverage, and work like the carbee on larger tools! Top notch tool worth every cent! So much easier than draging out my waterstones!
  • Handy tools

    JimT., 4/20/2009 Effective and efficient - not something often said about sharpening systems, but these really work, and are handy to keep near at hand with their sheaths. Good buy from my perspective.
  • Carbide Sharpener

    Margaret, 4/14/2009 This is my favorite tool of all. I use it to sharpen everything, the hatchet, kitchen knives,even a little cupon tool. It's easy to use and fast.
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