Vintage Solid Copper (Tin-Lined) French “Poissoniere”

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Clearance Vintage Solid Copper (Tin-Lined) French “Poissoniere”
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The exceptional even-heat-spreading ability of Solid Copper cookware is the stuff of legend, and the best French chefs have relied on them for over 100 years. Because of its non-stick properties, the inside of the very best premium pots were historically lined with a coating of pure, molten tin. We found these in the warehouse archives of a French factory that makes high quality cookware for the professional French market.

This now very rare “Poissoniere” – solid Copper Tin-lined special cookware for fish preparation – is 17” long and 5” wide. The handles at each end of solid Brass and the Brass handle on the cover is shaped like a fish. The outside surface is smooth, not hammer-textured.

The fish to be cooked lies inside on a removable raised cooking surface to allow water to boil underneath the fish, thus steam-cooking the fish, which does not sit in water. We have less than a dozen of these beauties available, and although they are certainly not inexpensive, the price we are able to make them available at provides a huge value for those chef’s that appreciate the presentation.

Orders for two or more Copper Cookware pieces on the same order will receive an automatic 12% discount in your shopping cart on every piece ordered. You can find more of our other copper cookware styles here.
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