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Songbird Nesting Material Depot
$ 22
Most birds are master builders. From early spring through the summer months, with a remarkable singularity of purpose, birds of all types are busy constructing nests in which to lay their eggs and raise their chicks. Intricately engineered constructions, nests are woven from twigs, grass, straw, moss, hair and string – all painstakingly collected, with softer bits of fabric, cobweb, even snakeskin to provide the warmth and cushioning for the job at hand.

Common fluff, whether naturally occurring (cottonwood, cattails) or man-made (wadding) is especially prized. The refillable Songbird Nesting Material Depot is filled to bursting with kapok (the seed fiber of the ceiba, or kapok tree) and cotton batting (or wadding) - water-repellent, fluffy material that is ideal for comfy, cozy nesting. Made of sprung steel, the depot measures about 6 x 3” and comes with a matching 6” hook to it hang under eaves or from a branch.

Providing a steady supply of this ideal construction material is a great way to encourage songbirds to take up permanent residence in your backyard or garden. Along with your feeders, birdbath and houses, the Nesting Depot will enhance the natural environment of your home and allow you to watch birds close up while giving a needed hand to these hardworking avian friends. They may even sing your praises for it!
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