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Sale Japanese Dovetail Dozuki Saw
Designed by Master Craftsman Toshio Odate especially for Garrett Wade
49I07.03 Japanese Dovetail Dozuki Saw

Available 03/15/2021

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49I07.04 Repl. Blade - Dovetail Saw

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The Special Dovetail Dozuki backsaw features a smaller, stiffer blade than a traditional dozuki saw because it is especially designed for cutting even the smallest joints and most delicate dovetails. Cutting extremely well on the bias (diagonal to the grain), the cut is so smooth that the time spent on trimming tails and fitting joints will be greatly reduced. The blade is 7" long with 25 tpi and a tooth-pattern which allows excellent performance on both hardwoods and softwoods. (Chip clearing has been greatly enhanced with every 12th tooth filed to a lower profile.) Best of all, the blade is replaceable and always available from Garrett Wade.

The maximum depth of cut is 1-3/4"; the overall length 19" and weight 6 oz. The Dovetail Dozuki is available separately and also as part of the Set of 4 Japanese Saws.

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Overall Rating
  • First Japan saw

    Linda Hidalgo, 4/2/2020 Very nice, trying to use it. I think will take practice, but so light weight was surprised. Enjoying it.
  • Performance is excellent

    James Hellman, 10/19/2018 Exactly what I have been looking for in a short blade rip cutting joinery saw. Performance is excellent - cuts smooth and clean. The shorter length is easier to handle when making shallow precise cuts.
  • Japanese Dovetail Saw MUST HAVE!!

    Amanda Gleeson, 9/2/2017 Cuts like butter. Easy grip handle, smooth flow. A must have for all craftsmen!
  • Let Japanese wizardry help you cut dovetails

    Gary Kopff, 2/14/2017 Why struggle when cutting dovetails? Japanese woodworkers solved this vexing problem centuries ago and you can buy a Dovetail Dozuki backsaw and benefit from ancient skills.
  • Best tool

    Jonathan , 1/30/2017 Nothing like having the right tool for the job. How much better it is to have the best tool to do the job.
  • No grief with these teeth

    Tim loer, 11/18/2016 Love it! Great cutting saw without tuning. I checked the blade's attachment to the handle because I also purchased extra blade. No problems changing the blade out!
    Comfortable to hold and easy to use! "The sharper the tool the less you need fuel" so using it might even help me lose some weight! Ha. I would definitely recommend this saw
  • Great saw at less cost

    Gary, 7/8/2016 I bought one of these saws due to price. I had heard they were difficult to use because of the handle. What I found out is it is an extremely easy to use saw, cuts great and with the small teeth fine cuts are not a problem. It cuts straight and true. I also bought the expensive saw here from Garrett Wade and this inexpensive saw cuts just as good. Big plus, I can get replacement blades.
  • Good saw for the money

    Brian, 4/10/2016 I found this saw a little slow for cutting dovetails. Works great however when crosscutting the half pins as well as any other cross cutting tasks. The saw tracks nice and straight.
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