"202GF" High Strength Glue

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"202GF" High Strength Glue
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A number of remarkable properties make this glue the favorite of many furniture makers. First, a high solids content and great intrinsic strength makes this a superb, strong glue for joints.

Second, 202GF glue that squeezes out of a joint does not penetrate the wood pores and fibers, and easily chips off after it has dried-eliminating the need to scrape, sand, and clean up prior to final finishing. Open time about 10 to 15 minutes.

This is the strongest woodworker's PVA glue available, bar none. Independent testing laboratories have confirmed this as fact. It also fills gaps with strength: others will not do this. Made in the United States.

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Overall Rating
  • Top notch wood blue

    Dr. Daniel Temianka, 5/9/2020 Excellent wood glue with better filling properties than others. Shop trick: every morning I turn the bottle upside-down for a few hours to keep the particulate matter mixed. (Easier than letting it settle and trying to mix it.)
  • Excellent glue

    Harry Guitars, 11/24/2019 I have used this glue for years for various guitar repair projects. It is very strong. The initial tack (open time) in my experience is about ten minutes or less at normal room temperature. Excellent product.
  • High strength glue

    Carl Kobeski, 5/3/2019 Worked excellent, filled in gaps as described.
  • The Perfect Glue!!!

    Tim Lee, 2/9/2019 As a woodworker, I have glues for different things BUT...This glue is very versatile in the shop. It really does fill gaps like a champ. I am very impressed with it.
    Speedy's Woodshop
  • 202GF wood glue

    Charles Pennington , 12/27/2018 Have been using this wood glue for years. It is the best & easiest to use.
  • High strength glue.

    Brian Noel, 10/29/2018 Lives up to the hype, very strong and easy to work with. Nice open time.
  • Excellent!

    Kendall Clevenger, 11/11/2017 Excellent! This is one of the best woodworking glues available. It has superior bonding strength, is fast setting, and can fill gaps.
  • G W gap filling glue

    Donald Tomalino, 1/8/2017 I have used this wood working glue for years and the results have been excellent. It has a quick setup time and results in a very strong bond
  • It is GRRRRRRRRRReat

    Thomas Adderley, 12/2/2016 I have been using this glue for about 25 years and it is the only one I use; quick setting and easy clean-up - just leave the squeeze out alone and scrap or sand it off after it is dry- does not stain the wood nor hinder the absorption of stain not any top coat.
  • Great!

    Andrew, 11/3/2016 Great Hold! Easy to work with.
  • Been using this glue for forty years!

    Lewis Korn, 10/28/2016 In the 1970's one of my shop mates was a tool consultant to Garrett Wade. We tested a number of glues and found 202-GF to be superior in a number of ways. GW has been carrying it and I've been using it ever since. As others have mentioned, it is extremely strong, has gap filling qualities and is quick drying times. It skins over quickly and if left to dry, it's easy to scrape off without leaving a finish resistant reside. It is light brown color when dry and I use it for everything except very light woods like maple.
  • Gap filling glue

    Robert benes, 9/17/2016 The gap filling glue is great when you have joints that very loose or larger spaces . I also rage the shavings from working on the piece and mix in the glue. It dries dark , can be sanded then colored with dyes mixed with shellac. It can help you restore a very compromised piece of furniture.
  • GLUE

    PETER M IHLE, 3/4/2016 great product, fast service.
    always happy with GW orders.
  • This is what I use!

    Joe Kanicki - Joe Kanicki Woodworking, LLC, 1/7/2016 I am a custom woodworker and 202 is what I use on 95% of my glue up's. I have been using this product from GW for over 10 years and have never had a glue up failure. Just be aware, the setup time is quick and if you work in the heat like I do here in Texas, you want to be sure your dry fits are good first. Great product.
  • Great For Veneering

    Jeff Pepin, 2/1/2015 My favorite use for this excellent glue is veneering. The same high solids content which fills small gaps and allows squeeze-out to chip off easily, also prevents the glue from bleeding through areas of open" grain on figured veneers. The glueline is a nice neutral color too. I saw the tip years ago in a woodworking magazine and I've been using 202GF for veneering ever since. It's great!"
  • Good Stuff

    Mac, 12/23/2014 The glue appears really strong. It is thinner than I expected but goes into the injector" tool I purchased from GW nicely. A little goes a LONG way. I bought the big jug that will probably allow me repair a 1000 chairs."
  • Highly Recommand

    Fanyang Jiang, 11/30/2014 My master introduced this to me, I use this in my guitar building process. Very reliable. I am living in China, have to let my friend ship it to me. Extra 50$ at least for shipping, as you can see, its worth every penny. But still a little expensive to me:)
  • Exceptional Product

    Dick Dorn, 9/19/2014 I have been using this #202 wood glue since the 1980's, when I used to walk over to the Garrett Wade showroom at the end of 6th avenue in New York city. Excellent product, for all wood adhesion purposes.
  • Excellent Glue

    Goodspear, 5/15/2014 This glue is all that it claims. Excellent product. Glad I did the research and found it. Recommend highly.
  • Great Glue

    Dominic Fava, 2/18/2014 Good viscosity, easy clean up, sets quickly. The 16 oz size is also very convenient.
  • High Quality Product

    Zep, 1/5/2014 Having only just used this product for the first time, I am unable to attest to its long-term performance but it appears to neatly meet the broad range of accolades contained in Garrett Wade's description.
  • Excellent Glue

    mergus, 1/27/2011 The 202GF is an excellent product. Sets up quickly, but not too quickly. Requires minimun clamp time. Very strong joint. It is a little difficult to remove excess after the glue has dried. I've taken to wiping the excess away while it's still wet. This makes it much easier to deal with and I've noticed no ill effects from doing so.
  • Excellent

    John, 7/31/2010 but.....The squeeze out is supposed to just pop right off with a bit of chisel. It doesn't: It sticks as tightly as any other glue.
  • Best Glue Ever

    LTC Daniel Marvin, US Army Ret'd, 5/29/2010 I can't say enough about 202GF glue. I was introduced to it in 1973 by retired Colonel Jerry Davis who did antique restoration for museums and for the people of Carlisle, PA.
    I can honestly state it is the best of the 16 different types of glue that I have tried and tested during my 37 years of antique restoration in my own shop.
    In addition to holding firm it brings strength to void spaces by its gap filling capabilities. It is without a doubt the best glue for wood projects of any on the market.
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