Antique Inlay Grooving Plane

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Antique Inlay Grooving Plane
02D12.19 Antique Inlay Grooving Plane

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From time-to-time we are able to acquire small quantities of antique English woodworking tools for the enthusiast – used, but in fine working condition.

This one is a specialist antique-English plane used to cut grooves up to 1/4” deep parallel to the edge of a board in making fine furniture. The depth of the groove is controlled by the steel and brass adjusting mechanism that you can see. Typically the grooves would have a decorative wood strip set in them. The plane has seen lots of experience but is in excellent condition in fully functional form.

The age is uncertain but it is probably 100-120 years old. Our photo sample is marked “R Banks, Nelson Edgeware Rd” (London). Yours may or may not be marked similarly. The wood is probably European Beech. LIMITED QUANTITY

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