Limited Edition Leather Tool Bag

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Limited Edition Leather Tool Bag
Twice Tanned to make it even more beautiful in use
Made in the USA
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15A02.19 Limited Edition Leather Tool Bag

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This is a limited edition version of our tool bag. Still expertly made in the USA, but we’ve substituted the brown leather for this gorgeously grey/blue tanned leather.

Like the original, the body is made of top quality veg-tanned Buffalo. In use when the leather is bent or pulled, the natural oils will move around within the skin causing lighter tones and interesting colors to (pull up) become visible. We found these characteristics so irresistible, we just had to use this special leather for our best bag. The utility remains unchanged - it'll last a lifetime. The seams are stitched tightly, and then further reinforced with solid brass rivets. Our experience with this bag tells us you will not be content to leave it in the workshop/garage, it will do double-duty as all-around utility tote; you can take it anywhere. We’ve created this special color version in limited quantities that we expect to sell out quickly.

The un-dyed, veg-tanned, harness leather straps will patina beautifully with age. Measures 15” x 7” x 7” and weighs 1-1/2 lbs. empty.
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