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Special Hi-Tech Search
$ 99.95
This 9-1/4" flashlight is bigger for a reason: a remarkable lens that throws an absolutely square beam, absolutely even in its light distribution from edge to edge, no matter how far away the object is. (The size of area light is about 1/4 the distance; i.e. at 100 ft., the square will be about 25 ft. on a side.)

The illumination effect is startling. Imagine: no more hot spots in the middle, and no spill-over of light beyond the sharp, defined edge of the square. It's like a controlled flood light and the even illumination allows your eye to take more in more quickly. It's exceptional, for example, in searching on a grid. Output is solid beam or strobe.
  • Lumens: 165
  • Estim. Max. Useful Range: 275 ft.
  • Light Pattern: Even Flood (square pattern)
  • Battery: Two CR123A lithium
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