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Clearance Special Oil Table Lamps
Both with beautiful, unique shapes
87A01.42 Solid Brass “Bubble Shape”

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In addition to our classic 19th century style oil lamps, we have added one more which is exceptional for its good modern appearance. Building on our classic lamps, these are in a sense a bit more modern and unusual. We think they are exceptionally stylish and unique. In every respect they function exactly the same as all our other oil lamps and use locally available kerosene or standard lamp oil equally well - They'll last for hours before needing a refill.

The lamp is beautifully made by hand of Solid Copper, is 9-1/4" high and has a lovely "beehive" shape at the top. Very distinctive and truly gorgeous.

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Overall Rating
  • Beautiful and Sturdy

    Nancy L Seurer, 6/9/2017 I bought this as a birthday present for my husband since he loves oil lamps. The lamp itself was in good condition, but the plastic caps on the tube it came in were both shattered. This will probably be used more as a decorative item than for its function, as we do have electricity most of the time(!), but it also seems hard to light. My husband is very happy with it regardless, which to me is all that counts.
  • Delighted with the quality and the appearance

    Karen Black, 5/16/2017 An absolutely beautiful lamp, it is well constructed and works perfectly. The lamp arrived quickly and was carefully packaged. I am delighted with the quality and the appearance.
  • Shiny, attractive, but not as practical as a other brands

    JaniceD, 5/15/2017 Another very attractive little decorative piece that would be awkward to use on a regular basis. The prong used to raise or lower the wick is manipulated from underneath the base. The base must be unscrewed both to refill with oil and to light the wick, as the glass chimney is stationary, unlike the more common models. Even on a low flame, the glass gets sooty when actually in use for any length of time. I have 4 other makes of oil lamp that I use regularly in my back yard or camping,
  • Waiting for replacement globe should be worth the wait

    JaniceD, 5/15/2017 Very pretty, solidly built metal construction. Glass was broken, so I have disassembled it, and am awaiting replacement globe. There is a wick adjustment wheel available, but lighting with a match or goose neck is awkward, as there is no lever to raise the glass chimney, as in more commonly designed models. Must unscrew base to refill with oil, as there is no external fill port either.
  • Packaging Issues

    Gene Melson, 2/26/2017 I give this a 5-star rating, but that is based on faith, not on actual performance. The story: I ordered the lamp, and received it. Didn't open the package for a month or so and discovered upon opening that the glass chimney was shattered. I wrote a note to customer service explaining this and requested a new chimney. Garrett Wade opted to send me another complete lamp. It arrived, and...the chimney was shattered, same as the first. There is a problem with how the lamp is packaged, apparently, but I cannot determine what should be done differently. It looks like a secure method, with multiple layers of bubblewrap and tape. But in at least two cases, this was to no avail, as far as the glass chimney is concerned. I chose at this point to just order a replacement chimney for the lamp. That is on the way. I am hopeful that GW will look into the packaging issue and have the supplier make corrections.
  • Copper Beehive oil lamp

    Darrah, 1/22/2017 Well made and great design. No instructions so one has to know that the base unscrews to fill the oil reservoir. The glass is a little cumbersome after lighting when lowering but otherwise works just fine. The hook on top and flat base gives one the option of either hanging or sitting on a flat surface.
  • Bubble lamp

    Greg P, 12/17/2016 Nice product, quick turnaround.
  • Paula

    Paula Steele, 12/8/2016 all the items we ordered arrived in good shape except the beehive lantern globe and I blame UPS for that.....saw the delivery person throwing boxes to front of truck! I called Garrettwade to see if replacement is available. It was and we received it within a week. It's a beautiful lamp and a gift for our son who is a beekeeper.
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