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Quality Oyster Knives
Great for your next seaside outing
02B07.04 Fixed Blade Oyster Knife

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02D07.16 Folding Oyster Knife

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A good oyster knife combines strength and a short blade, and these two models are perfect for that special task. Each is about 6” long overall, with a 2-1/4” stainless steel blade. The first has a fixed blade with a Rosewood handle, while the second is a folding version with an Olive Wood handle and a classic French style ring lock collar. Great looking and built just right for the job, these are small enough to slip into a pocket or bag when heading out for a picnic or boating excursion.

Fixed Blade: 6” Overall, Blade: 2 ½”
Folding: 5 ½” Overall (open), Blade: 2 ¼”

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