Multi-Purpose Table Vise

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Multi-Purpose Table Vise
perfect for “tinkering” projects
05R10.07 Multi-Purpose Table Vise

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This is an interesting, superb small Special, Multi-Purpose Table Vise that is great for “tinkerings” projects like hammering, metal-work, and leather repair or special problems. Can hold irregularly shaped objects using its movable steel pegs that have both flat and round edges, and can hold small round stock. The 2 x 2" moveable flat Anvil surface is perfect if you need to peen over a rivet or bend the wire. And the Vise can also be mounted on a drill press. Its small size belies this Anvil/Vise’s big-time usefulness. The maximum opening movement is 4". Frankly, it's very neat. Air shipping not available.

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