Slot Screwdriver Set

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Slot Screwdriver Set
An excellent all-around set
Made in the USA
12K04.05 Slot Screwdriver Set

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Slot screwdrivers that we all use every day have tapered tipset of tool - that is, the sides are not parallel across the width of the blade. Since a screw slot has parallel sides, this means that the pressure in the slot is only at the top edge. We've all experienced the all-to-familiar result - the tip irritatingly jumps out ("cams out") of the slot. This often tears the top of the screw head as well. A tip designed to fit the slot prevents this from happening. You'll be glad you are using them on your better work. Slot tip thicknesses .030, .037, and .045". With square shanks.

The three Phillips screwdrivers in the set have round shanks. The tools fit screw sizes #0, #1 and #2. The tips are expertly shaped to fit screw heads snugly without slip.

Overall lengths 4" to 8-1/2". An excellent all-round ss. USA made.
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  • At last!

    Brad, 12/3/2017 I have been looking for these for a long time. Then I saw them on the catalog cover but not as an item for sale but as a tool in another item for sale. I was pleased to find they did indeed stock them. A bit more than I expected price-wise but are very nice and will be the main drivers used in my workshop; the old ones reserved for prying open paint cans and chiseling off things. Nice size assortment.
  • Phenomenal

    James, 3/4/2016 The parallel-ground tips are phenomenal. These are my go-to screw drivers. No more cammed-out screw heads. I love these screw drivers.
  • The Best at Any Price

    Michael , 1/17/2015 This is a must have set of screwdrivers. All set snugly into the screw slot and the wooden handles feel great; wonderful control. This is the best set of screwdrivers I now own. I have seen the set numerous times but I just never thought the set would be of such high quality. I am glad I finally purchased this set from Garrett Wade; so will you.
  • Excellent Screwdriver Set

    M. Larkin, 12/20/2014 These are excellent screwdrivers and work as advertised. It is nice to be able to tighten screws without stripping the head.
  • Really Good Tools

    Hal Weber, 11/8/2014 These screwdrivers work better than the most and are certainly a good value. I've used them several times and can see a real difference.
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