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USA Made Water-Based Wood Filler
Most all fillers available have some or all of the following flaws:
- They are somewhat visible as patches once dry
- They dry out in the container and have to be thrown away
- They are very difficult to color-match perfectly
- They shrink a bit as they dry

This new USA made filler solves all of those problems and gets excellent reviews from users. It is a unique water-based formulation, using no acrylic or latex as its binder, and if it dries out in the container can easily be re-constituted with a bit of water. It is non-shrinking, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can be either wet or dry sanded - even wiped down with a damp cloth to smooth out. It also makes a fine grain filler.

It's fully compatible with any solvent or oil based products. And (perhaps best of all), is fully stainable and tintable, as it can be mixed in any proportion with any dye, tint, or pigment stain. (For example, if using a clear top coat finish, just color so that it matches the color and tone of the wood itself when top coated - test for this color first.) Comes in a 4 fl oz plastic jar.
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