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Professional Diggers
All-steel, for a lifetime of real use
79W04.03 36" long Mini Shovel

Available 10/22/2020


79W04.01 25" Long All Purpose Shovel

In stock


79W04.02 40" Long All Purpose Shovel

In stock


27A02.10 Pferd 10" Flat Mill File

Available 10/23/2020


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Made by the same superb maker of our other All-Steel Spades, Forks and Shovels. These specialty tools are specially designed for moderate-scale close work digging repeated holes of a similar size when planting or working around in a tight area.

The All Purpose Shovel (center and right) with its 5" rounded blade with a handy "belly" comes in two overall lengths (25 or 40"). The shorter length is great when working on your knees and the longer full-sized length is used standing.

The Mini-Shovel (left) is 36" long handle and a 3-3/4" wide sharply pointed blade is superb for digging repetitive holes while standing up when planting. It's like using a large dibbler.

Made in The USA. Use the 10-in Flat Mill File to keep these tools sharp.

Additional air shipping surcharges apply to the Mini Shovel and the 40" All-Purpose Shovel.
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The Straight Spade is 40" in overall length and has a 13" long blade that is 7" wide. An optional Rubber Foot Pad (shown mounted on the Spade but order separately) is available and we recommend it. The 9" wide Pointed Shovel (42-1/2" overall length) has a rounded blade with a handy "belly". The All Purpose Shovel is only 25" long overall with a 5" wide, pointed blade and is very useful when working on your knees.

The Root Cutter is 39-1/2" long has a blade 5" wide and 10-1/2" long and serrated edges so that you can blow right through the tough stuff. The super-narrow 36" Trencher (blade is 2-3/4" wide and 12" long) is used for a variety of tasks. Digging up buried treasure and bulb planting are two of them, but our favorite is digging narrow trenches to bury drain lines and pipe, without creating a monster of a mess in your yard. An installed rubber foot pad is standard.

All blades and handles are fully welded, with sharpened edges for ease of soil entry; handles are plated or painted for rust protection. (Additional air shipping charges apply to Pointed Shovel, Root Cutter Spade, Trencher Spade and the Straight Spade.)

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Overall Rating
  • Great Utility Shovel

    Scott, 11/15/2017 This is a really well built shovel. It is perfect for a packing shovel for my 4 wheel drive and hunting trips. light, small, but big enough to be effective. The thicker shovel bowl and blade are substantial enough to be driven into the ground by hand or when you need to move dirt or rock. It can easily be sharpened. The cross handle is nice. It allows leverage when you are hacking at the earth. Great overall shovel for survival use. I carry it in my truck at all times.
  • perfect tool

    Donnie Jackson, 10/23/2017 Needed a narrow shovel for metal detecting in tight areas. This was perfect.
  • Had to have it!

    Edward, 7/16/2016 a friend had one, brought it over and I had shovel envy....I decided I had to have one, too - it's a great tool and makes transplanting in difficult places so much easier...!
  • You want the whole herd of these.

    Nigel, 6/27/2016 You want the whole herd of these. The longer handle versions are great when standing. The short handle version when you are kneeling or working a raised bed. Spades have a straighter blade for slicing, shovels have more of a curved blade for caring materials.
    They are from the same company that makes the Pro Gardener's Digging Tool - another must buy tool for gardening. WW Manufacturing. I got additional versions with different blades, handle lengths, beyond what GW has.
  • All-Purpose Shovel

    Rena D, 6/12/2016 Extremely sturdy shovel with good quality welding all around. Very useful and well worth the price.
  • Good Shovel

    Dave Ross, 5/21/2016 Good sturdy shovel and just the right size and weight. A very useful tool at a good price.
  • Gardener's Dream

    Dex Conaway, 9/18/2015 The 25" all purpose shovel is a gem. My ability to maneuver in tight spaces, especially when moving mulch, compost or top soil around densely packed trees and shrubs, is greatly enhanced with the help of this shovel. Very durable and very well made right here in these United States. I have a feeling I will have this shovel my entire working life!
  • Looks Heavy Duty

    Henry W., 7/28/2015 Looks like it'll do the job! Made in USA and built tough. Can't wait to try it!
  • 13 Straight Spade"

    Dave, 6/20/2015 After going through spades every 3/4 years, I decided to buy this basically indestructible is without doubt the best spade I have ever owned...superior craftsmanship plus a very long 13 spade allows me to easily dig up and transplant large plants like boxwoods as well as digging trenches for sprinkler lines. I am pretty confident that this is the last spade I will ever buy provided my wife and kids don't ride over it with a car!"
  • Great Tool

    Amanda, 5/22/2015 Solid all purpose tool. Worked great for some recent transplanting.
  • How Professionals Garden

    Homer Mitchell, 5/17/2015 As a professional gardener and a master gardener, I am constantly looking for the best gardening tools. My quest ended when I purchased these incredibly well made and balanced tools. I am giving away all the others that I've purchased through the years because I've got the best tools ever! Unbelievably strong and a real joy to use. Why did it take so long for me to find them? I think of all the money I wasted! Try one and you too will know the meaning of what MADE IN AMERICA use to represent!!!!
  • What Is This For?

    Gaby, 5/6/2015 This tool makes no sense to me. It's not larger enough to be a useful trenching spade, it's basically a very overbuilt bulb planter. Blade is much smaller than it appears in the photographs.
  • Straight Spade

    Tina, 11/9/2014 The straight spade is amazing, it sliced through clay soil in Virginia. It's weight makes for easier and faster use.
  • Withstanding

    Joel A, 10/9/2014 I think your product is great and hopefully will never be bought out by China made cheap products that can even conduct the work of even the lightest of loads or withstand great impacts of rocks and dirt and just start bending or breaking before your done I'm glad there is a procured these products that meets the demand of all living residents of the United States of America and I'm proud that this product was built so well thank you very much for making this product and hopefully many more will come after.
  • Short Handle

    Robert Whyte, 9/3/2014 I bought this spade to install a sprinkler system in my back yard. I thought I would not have to move so mush dirt. It is very well constructed and digs a nice narrow ditch. The reason for the 3 stars is the handle is too short. I had to take it to a welder and have the handle extended a foot.
  • Best of the Best

    George A Doorakian, 4/26/2014 If you are looking for the best of the best in gardening digging tools, look no further. Over the past 50 years, I have evaluated many garden digging shovels and finally have found these Garrett Wade shovels to stand up to the harshest of New England soils without bending our breaking---thank you!
  • Best Shovels Made

    B, 2/27/2014 I used this brand of shovel for many years doing landscaping these are downright the best shovels made They are made by W.W MFG. Co. in NJ these shovels are rust Resistant not rust proof if they were stainless they would not be able to be sharpened as well or as tough.
  • Mini Shovel

    James Monohan, 11/29/2013 An excellent replacement for a back breaking hand spade. A sturdy all metal welded tool.
  • Straight Talk

    Jim Fannin, 3/31/2013 This is the second straight spade we have purchased, both are well utilized in our firm's business of historic gravestone conservation. The spades and accompanying footrests are by far the favorite shovel of our crew - which is why a second one was needed. A terrific product that cuts sod around stones easily and is strong enough to use daily with no ill effects to the spade. Highly recommended if you have difficult digging jobs that require care around easily chipped/scratched objects like old slate and marble gravestones.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Jim!!
  • Root Cutter Spade--Highest Price But Best Value

    Peter Fontaine, 3/4/2011 I've had the root cutter spade for several years, and it is the strongest shovel I have ever used. The back portion of my lot was not cleared, and consisted primarily of live oak, scrub oak, and sand pine. (About 1/2 acre in area.) Lots of intertwining roots close to the surface. The root cutter spade cuts through up to 1-1 1/2" roots with a strong downward thrust. Some do require several whacks to cut. I really have no problem keeping the shovel sharp due to the hard blade material. As far as durability goes, it is second to none. I have several different shovels, and have used many more throughout the years. Every once in a while I'll push a tool beyond it's limits and break off a handle. Done this quite a few times. (Maybe even "many" times.) Haven't been able to hurt the root cutter spade, though. The only thing tougher is my 6 foot pry bar.....but it sure doesn't cut as well.

    For those roots too thick for the spade, I have been using a cutter/mattock. Just last year I tried a 12" pruning blade on my battery operated reciprocating saw. The "Sawzall" has been a real labor saver. After cutting through the roots I then pry them out with your spade.

    Bottom line is that I always begin a hole with your spade, and while it had the highest initial cost of any of my shovels, it has also provided the best utility of any digging tool I have ever used. In this case, the high priced tool is the best value in the long run. "
  • Best Spade Ever !

    A. Starkel, 7/21/2010 Feels good in my hands, gives impression of great strength, but is actually light and very easy to handle. Cuts clean and sharp and is a pleasure to use. This is a great tool, and one you can pass down. It's one of my most valuable garden tools and I don't leave it laying around.
  • Love the All-purpose Shovel

    Jon S, 4/15/2010 The best shovel I've ever bought. The all-steel construction gives you the confidence to dig in and leverage your digging effort. The handle and shape feels" right. At the same time the shovel is not heavy or cumbersome. Couldn't be happier."
  • Trencher Spade

    Queensgarden, 5/29/2009 Trencher spade is the ultimate best.If you have hard compacted soil and are not muscle bound you need this spade. The foot rest is a god send and could extend further to the right, but it is still close to perfection. When planting trees start digging the hole with the trencher and scoop out dirt with the pointed shovel. Works faster and better than utilizing just the pointed shovel. Great tool.
  • RE: 79W04.01 All Purpose Shovel

    Richard Tate, 5/28/2009 This is a very well made and useful shovel. Our ground is very rocky and this shovel does not let me down. I definitely recommend it.
  • trencher spade

    Cristine , 5/3/2009 I just buried electrical conduit under the roots of lovely old dogwood tree without having to cut the roots; this was only possible because I own this amazing trencher! It allowed me to tunnel under the roots. Best money spent on a tool!
  • Gets to the root of the problem

    Kim, 4/16/2009 This root cutter spade makes easy work out of hard jobs. I'm only 5' 2 and I powered through a tough job in minutes instead of hours by giving me an extra advantage. well worth the money!"
  • A sharp shovel

    Steve, 4/15/2009 I use this tool all the time when needing to dig, especially to fix sprinkler lines. The Root Cutter Spade has a hard solid cutting edge that is much better than a regular steel shovel. Originally, I thought the price was high but it is worth it as these shovels are of the highest quality.
  • straight spade

    John, 4/15/2009 The all steel spade is the best I've ever owned. Great for chopping through roots and prying up large rocks. You get what you pay for.
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