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45A03.24 Gardener's Nail Brush

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Clean hands are important for maintenance of good health - if not for good appearance. But our hands always get dirty - sometimes very dirty. Our Personal Nail Brush has two brushing areas - one for the whole end of the finger and the smaller one to get under the nail surface itself. It's easy to use, it really works -and it's inexpensive. Get an extra one for your spouse - or special friend, and another for the workshop. You'll be pleased with your appearance, and so will others. Made of unfinished beechwood and soft, light boar bristle.

The Gardener's Nail Brush (1-1/2 x 3") is another matter entirely. Its bristles are very short and stiff - designed to remove caked-in dirt all over your hands. It's the very best we have seen for this kind of work. Made of oiled beechwood and tampico fibre (a durable, porous fiber made from the agave cactus).

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Overall Rating
  • Great Brush

    Patricia Scott, 8/15/2020 Love the brush but was annoyed by how difficult it is to get the off the inventory tag. Unsure what chemical I can use on wood that will remove it.
  • Great Product

    John, 8/14/2020 The Gardener 's brush is excellent quality. I would highly recommend this product
  • Great Brushes. Soft but heavy duty

    Linda Noack, 8/6/2020 not made in usa like the customer service said, but it was made in Poland (for the dual side brush) and Germany for the single side brush. I was fine with that.
  • Gardener's Nail Brush

    Petra, 7/25/2020 You might think you have no need for the gardener's nail brush if you don't dig in the soil or work on machinery. If you've ever tried to remove wayward printer toner from your hands or bright orange Cheeto dust from beneath yot fingernails, you need this brush. It is mighty.
  • Work w/ my hands

    Kent, 6/12/2020 Have been wanting a nail brush that really cleans - This brush is the best I have ever purchased. I highly recommend this product - Thank you - a very satisfied customer.
  • My second nail brush, I love it

    Jan Augsburger , 6/11/2020 I love the softness but thorough bristles. I can clean under my fingernails quickly and they look lovely. I do a lot of gardening and art work. Works well with both
  • Brush

    Wally, 6/7/2020 stiff bristles
  • Rare find

    Wally, 6/7/2020 Top quality
  • Have one at every sink

    JMorse, 6/5/2020 High quality, perfect size, nice materials.
  • Hand Brush.

    John Hill, 5/7/2020 Perfect hand brush.
  • hand brush

    Kathy, 3/18/2020 Greaat to have on hand after gardening
  • Great Little Brush

    Ron Schubert , 9/25/2019 I used this brush for years, but it got lost in the move so I ordered another one. Works fast in cleaning grease and dirt off our hands with the short and long bristles. The size is perfect for hand washing. Well made.
  • Best Little Brush There Is!

    A Guy in Texas, 8/3/2019 This is my second order for these brushes. Great product, well made , can't get a better quality brush anywhere except Garrett Wade!
  • Nice!

    Kelly S., 5/3/2019 Very good quality hand and nail brush. I have been looking for one that wasnt cheap plastic.
  • Best personal shower brush

    NEIL OLKEN, 2/7/2019 Best product of its type. Feels great when used and holds soap best of any I know of.
  • Excellent compact and easy to use brush Goid quality

    Raymond Johnson, 1/3/2019 Excellent stiff bristle brush. Good quality.
  • Excellent product

    Mary Bartoo, 12/26/2018 I have been searching for a good quality nail brush for a long time.This is it! High quality, made in Poland, and good cleaning brushes.
  • Fancy brush

    Jason, 11/3/2018 Very nice little brush. It's made in Poland which many things of great quality come from there. I have been finding and building a high quality manicure set. This brush will go with those items in a nice wooden and leather box I will make for everything. Simple pleasures in life like this is what matters.
  • Great, but somewhat soft bristles

    Blair Horst, 10/18/2018 Nice nail brush. I was looking for this “standard design”. Well made with sustainable materials. (Kudos for that). Only concern is that brissles are a little soft, somewhat reducing scrubbing effectiveness.
  • Ms

    Tammy, 9/21/2018 This has been the best nail brush. I had one (not a Garrett brand) a long time ago and loved my old brush. It finally wore out and I had to throw it away. I never could find another brush of it’s equal quality until now. Thank you Garrett!
  • Best multi purpose brush of its kind!

    Al Cavasin, 8/23/2018 Love this thing! I bought it to scrub a variety of detritus (wood glue, caulking compound, paint, varnish, grease, oil, you know...)from my hands and out from under my nails. A task it performed admirably. But as it wore out over the years I discovered another works very well at scrubbing dog and cat poo from the tread on my shoes, too! Highly recommended!
  • very good

    Joan Mattson, 8/21/2018 comfortable to use--bristle not to stiff. Cleaned my nails and hands after working in the yard
  • Disappointing

    Sarah Clark, 8/17/2018 I am underwhelmed by this brush. It is only slightly better than the cheap plastic ones, still leaves dirt under nails. It is well made and should I hope last longer than cheap brushes but for the price is a definite disappointment.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Personal Nail Brushes. We're sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with them. Please feel free to return them for a refund using the label which was included.
  • Good as Grandma's

    Pat, 7/7/2018 For years I happily used a nail brush that had been my grandmother's. After if eventually fell apart I couldn't find anything that really got the dirt out from under my fingernails after gardening--nothing had stiff enough bristles. This one works great!
  • Get the yuck out

    Ron Schmidt, 5/5/2018 I work in a metal plating facility in charge of maintenance. My hands don't just get dirty, they get stained. I've tried just about everything to clean my hands. The best way I have found to clean my hands are as follows. 1. Soak hands in warm water with Epsom salt added. This softens the skin and opens the pores. Then I take this little brush, rinse it in hot water and take a bar of any kind of moisturizing soap ( Dove, Caress, Oil of Oley ), rum the soap into the brush and start brushing my hands vigorously. The secret is getting the skin soft, therefore the soak, then using this brush to dig out all the crud that is embedded in the skin. I do this daily. Yes, it is a pain in the rear, however, the lady of the house won't let me come close to touching her unless my hands are clean.
  • Happy to find a nail brush that works

    H.B., 5/4/2018 I do a lot of yard and garden work and it really scrubs the dirt out.
  • Nice Brush

    Candice, 4/26/2018 I got the nail brush. I felt that the bristles were a bit too soft, but I really like the size and the materials and with the special price at checkout, I felt pretty good about it. Next time I'll try the gardener's brush.
  • My Nails Love It!

    Guy Leiman, 3/30/2018 Great little brush! Handle is carved wood and is easy to grip when cleaning your nails. Much nicer than a plastic brush! Perfect for cleaning my nails after gardening/planting in the yard! Love it!
  • A Nail Brush for DIRTY Nails

    Michelle, 12/14/2017 Finally! A nail brush that actually cleans dirty nails. My husband is a plumber and his nails get absolutely filthy sometimes. This is the ONLY nail brush we've found that cleans the dirt from under his nails!
  • Excellent Brush!

    Evelyn M Hartman , 12/12/2017 I'm so pleased with this nailbrush! It does the job but the bristles are not so stiff that they damage one's cuticles.
  • feels so good

    darlamouse, 12/12/2017 I love this nail brush! It feels good and does a great job.
  • just what I been looking for

    Karen, 10/13/2017 I have looked high and low for a good fingernail brush after the one I used for 30 years was done, nothing satisfied me till this one, I love it !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can't go wrong with these nail brushes !

    Lisa Palmer , 8/1/2017 These are absolutely the best nail brushes one could ever purchase. I like both styles, but the gardeners nail brush is my favorite! Gets under the nails and cleans out the dirt without much effort. Works well removing caked dirt on your skin too!
  • Multi-purpose, durable, handy brushes

    Mary Hodges , 2/26/2017 So glad to find boar bristles and wooden brushes. So sick of plastic everything. These are super durable and work as intended on nails. But I bought them primarily because my husband needed a short, stiff bristle to remove stripper from the fine cracks in a cabinet he is refinishing. These work great since they don't melt from them chemical and can be washed.
  • Great Nail/Utility Brush

    Madelyn Perry, 1/2/2017 I already used this brush to remove a sediment from a a garment! And I look forward, especially, to using it after gardening this spring and summer. It is perfect.
  • Ms.

    Anita, 1/1/2017 Part of my first purchase and I am delighted. Quality is just what I wanted...and just what was received.
  • This Made a Great Stocking-Stuffer

    John Roberts, 12/27/2016 Good design and well-made. Up to Garrett-Wade's high standards.
  • nail brushes

    gerryseeley, 12/18/2016 great
  • Nail Brush Supreme

    Cheryl Kammerzell, 12/5/2016 Love these.Had received one as a gift and now want one by every sink. Perfect for keeping nails clean and yet soft enough to scrub hands without removing the skin.
  • Great Nail Brushes

    Dawn White, 11/15/2016 Overall the brushes where everything I expected they would be Great
  • NAil brushes

    Barbara, 10/25/2016 Great brushes. My husband us thrilled.
  • One of the Best Buys

    Johnnie, 9/18/2016 I just love these brushes. They are so good at cleaning your nails and do a better job than a nail file.
  • Great Brush!

    Karen Burkett, 8/1/2016 Great brush! Easy to grip and the stiff bristles really get the dirt out from under nails.
  • Twinn

    Terry Winnop, 6/18/2016 Just what I wanted, great quality, one for each room.
  • A great nail brush

    Frances, 5/5/2016 Actually gets under nails to clean out dirt. I should use gloves when I garden but don't
  • Nail brushes

    William Neff, 4/4/2016 Majority of retail hand brushes are plastic with (perhaps) nylon bristles. They don't do a good job and don't last long. The wooden hand brushes I received are well made and (I believe) will serve us for a long time. Great products!
  • Wonderful nail brush

    Darlene Burd , 3/4/2016 I keep it at my kitchen sink to clean up my hands and nails after outdoor activities. Really removes the grime.
  • Wonderful Nail Brush

    Jan, 3/22/2015 I have bought several of these Gardener Nail Brushes to keep at every sink in the house....they're perfect for cleaning and they look great. They will be in my house for a long time.
  • Great Brush

    Zaven, 6/10/2014 This brush is great, I had a wood brush in an earlier life, but could only find plastic one for replacements. It is great to have the feel of natural bristles and wood. This is a great brush - it really clean nails well.
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