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These will produce a smile on anyone
79A02.01 T-Style Kaleidoscope

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79A02.02 Brass Kaleidoscope

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The Brass Kaleidoscope is 7-1/2". Just rotate or shake gently and a whole new beautiful array will suddenly appear. The "T"-Style Kaleidoscope is 9" long and produces beautiful patterns on its own, but really excels (awesomely) when you insert the transparent 10 long color filled tube through the head (as shown). Moving the insert back and forth and tipping it produces an almost psychedelic experience. While we've seen lots of kaleidoscopes in our time, they've not been like these two. What gems. Whichever one you choose will be a great hit. The two alternative images show two of the innumerable spectacular patterns that you will see. Great fun will be had by all.
T-Style Kaleidoscope

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Overall Rating
  • Very nice gift for kids and adults!

    Eggshella, 12/27/2017 I am a sixty year old woman and I wanted a "toy" for Christmas so I ordered the T kaleidoscope where you insert the tube and I absolutely love the patterns. I have never seen a kaleidoscope like this one. Kids of all ages will love it!
  • Disappointing

    Don Brown , 12/19/2017 Lens fell off almost immediately. Removed half the colored baubles and glued the lens back on. Like it pretty well now.
  • Exceptional Kaleidoscope

    Diane Polanis, 12/18/2017 Great gift for young and old. Husband looks forward to a new Kaleidoscopes every year.
  • Spectacular Kaleidoscopes

    James Boyd, 10/31/2017 I bought two of the kaleidoscopes for my two Great Grand Children who are 5 years old. I can't wait for Xmas to see their delight with these great toys!
  • weird obstruction

    David , 12/13/2016 The kaleidoscope is pretty on the outside and the colors and patterns are pretty on the inside, but the viewing piece has a triangular obstruction on the inside that doesn't allow one to see the whole kaleidoscope design. I exchanged my first one for another and it is the same.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Kaleidoscopes. We're sorry to hear you weren't happy with them. Since we haven't had any complaints about this feature, we are going to take a look at the ones you have sent back to evaluate them. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Bill C. Self, 12/4/2016 Bought one each for the grand kids, realizing they'd never seen anything like them...not like when we were kids. They were instantly fascinated ... then amazed. Both sat at the front window looking through them most of the afternoon. Very well-built...and attractive. At the end of the day. the Grandson put his on his "treasure shelf"...told us it was a success.
  • Well made and colorful.

    Ron Kalnitz, 11/25/2016 A really nice addition to my collection.
  • Nostalgia in a Tube

    Hughtron, 11/4/2013 This was a fun thing when I was a kid, but my grand kids had the front piece off in no time spilling the contents on the floor. It was readily repaired and I could put some marine sealant on the cover to keep it intact, but I think adult supervision would be the best solution for now.
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