Spectacular Willys 4x4 Jeep & London Bus Wooden Models

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Spectacular Willys 4x4 Jeep & London Bus Wooden Models
58A07.01 Willys Jeep Wooden Model

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58A07.02 London Bus Wooden Model

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We proudly offer these stunning Birch Plywood Models of two of the most iconic, motor vehicles of the twentieth century: The London Double Decker Bus and the Willys 4x4 Jeep (the original one). The laser-cut pieces are packaged in neat sheets. No glue is necessary; simply punch out the numbered pieces and follow the pictogram directions. The details are exquisite. The Willy’s has working gears, independent suspension, turning axles and gear shafts, and engine pistons that go up and down. When wound up, the working mechanical parts will propel the Jeep as far as 6 ft.

The London Bus has forward and reverse gears, independent suspension, and axles and gear shafts that turn. The “rubber band engine” can propel the bus up to 12 ft. Comes with three passengers and the Union Jack etched on one side. The intricacy of these vehicles has to be seen to be believed. Construction can be a great collaborative project and will provide hours of family fun. Beautiful.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Contains Small parts. Age 14+.

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