Spoon Carving Set (Includes a FREE Sharpener)

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Spoon Carving Set (Includes a FREE Sharpener)
A Great Introduction to Wood Carving
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04D02.80 Spoon Carving Set (Includes a FREE Sharpener)

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Carving wooden spoons is a classic, fun, uncomplicated hobby, and a great way to introduce beginners to woodcarving. Plus we have added to this set our best-selling tool roll. For a limited-time we are giving away the Banana-Shaped Sharpener to keep your tools sharp and free for a life time.

Swedish Spoon-Carving Tools. This three-tool set from Sweden is all you need. The curved blade tools – Deep Hook Knife and Soft Curve Knife -- allow you to form the hollow of the spoon. The Straight Blade Knife is used primarily for shaping the back of the spoon, the neck and the handle. All three have traditional birch wood handles. Blades are high-carbon steel.

Suede and Duck Cloth Tool Roll. This durable Tool Roll has 1/16" thick suede on the inside to protect your spoon carving tools, and to prevent the sharp edges from cutting through or falling out. Built in the USA, and custom designed by Garrett Wade. The exterior duck cloth is waxed, offering extra moisture protection on an already rugged fabric. Six tool pockets--five at 2-1/2" wide, and one at 3 inches--can accommodate tools up to 8 inches tall. Extra-long rawhide laces tie this all into a compact roll.

FREE: Banana-Shaped Sharpening Wonder. The curved shape of this this diamond-style sharpener works beautifully when you need to re-sharpen or touch up concave surfaces, like on our Spoon Carving Tools. Also perfect for getting at complex curves or angles, like the spurs on auger or brad point drills, or into the serrations on knives.

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