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Bestseller Stainless Kitchen / Household Shears
A professional pair that will quickly become indispensable
13K09.17 Stainless Kitchen / Household Shears

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The first reaction anyone has when picking these up the first time is "My, these are quite heavy." The second reaction (after using them to cut anything) is "Don't you dare take these away from me. They're mine and mine alone." Made of fully forged stainless steel with handles a full 5/16" thick. But there's something about the geometry of the design that simply powers-up your hand and makes them very comfortable to use.

The cutting edges are 3" and come apart for cleaning. It seems that they will cut almost anything - although we have not yet tested hardened sheet steel. Buff satin finish. We couldn't possibly recommend them more.

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Overall Rating
  • Immortality

    Gerald W. Scoville, 12/26/2020 There are very few items that you purchase that will last indefinitely. If you do not lose these shears your children will have them. They have neat and clean lines and are exceptionally sharp. They look much better in your hands than they appear in the photograph. When you purchase these shears you will have immortality. They are truly ideal.
  • simple and solid.

    d.kerkhoff, 6/28/2020 these are heavy duty and solid. they cut through just about anything. they will last a long time.
  • Kitchen Shears

    Andrea, 5/29/2020 I finally found kitchen shears that are free of plastic and designed to last forever. These shears are awesome!
  • Stainless Kitchen / Household Shears

    Robert Valle , 5/28/2020 Great heavy duty shears. Been breaking down chickens and cleaning them with these shears. Super in to them.
  • Excellent

    Sofia, 5/22/2020 Excellent product. Sturdy and great quality, these are the kitchen shears everyone needs.
  • Great design, but wish they were a bit more "Stainless"

    Andrew, 5/10/2020 Love the look and feel of these, and the cleaning friendly-design, but unfortunately they kept picking up spots of rust simply from sitting in the utensil holder on my drain board. I've removed the rust with steel wool a couple of times but it keeps coming back. I've started drying them immediately after washing, so a little less convenient than you'd want for a trusty kitchen tool!
  • bones

    Mike, 5/8/2020 Almost perfect. Perfect steel, no rust and easy clean. Come apart for cleaning easy but that's the problem. When you open shears all the way they fall apart when I don't want them too. They are perfect for about 90% of time.
  • Fantastic

    Vanessa, 5/8/2020 These are what you call"heirloom shears!" They last forever! Fantastic ????
  • Great study shears!

    Margot, 5/4/2020 Love these sturdy, versatile shears. Definitely a kitchen staple!
  • Best shears on the market

    Logan , 4/30/2020 I researched kitchen shears for a few weeks before buying. I almost went with the plastic handle or a cheaper pair. As I opened my garret wade shears I couldn't help but smile and think these are going to last forever. My father came over and saw them and told me they remind him of his childhood and the shears his parents had. If that doesn't appeal to you go buy a cheap pair. These shears are the absolute best on the market in my book. They are heavy but when you are really using them you need that weight. Couldnt be more impressed or happy with my purchase. My only issue is I was sent a catalog in the package. I have a list of things to buy now.
  • Sturdy scissors

    John, 4/19/2020 Great scissors. Very heavy duty and sturdy. Reasonable price.
  • Versatile, feels like quality

    Sarah, 4/18/2020 These shears are stunning. They're weighty, the microserations give me great control and precision, plus they're very easy to separate and clean. I reach for them as often as my shun chef knife.
  • Subtle & High Quality

    Nathan C, 3/26/2020 Did little bit research before I bought Garrett Wade online. 1. it's all metal- a lot of kitchen shears have plastic handle. And it breaks when you try to cut through thin bone or tendon over time. Also it means you can clean the whole thing easier. 2. dark finish compare to all the shiny ones out there. Fits the theme in my kitchen.
    After it arrives, I'm happy with the sturdiness/quality right away. They fit each other well. Cuts precisely. Does everything I need it for.
  • A Strong Pair of Scissors

    Douglas Pearson, 3/20/2020 My thoughts are similar to others here: these are great scissors. Ergonomically they work perfect with my hand and the weight is not bad considering the material is stainless steal. The finish is really nice, material is durable and strong, and I very much enjoy the simple design and construction for easy cleaning when cutting tough pieces of meat. If I open the scissors all the way open, the two sides detach well so I can clean the notch. If you are concerned about the price, just know you are getting a premium product that will most likely last a very long time!
  • Good quality, long lasting, good for cutting cardboard and for heavy duty plastic packaging

    David Kermode, 3/19/2020 VERY nice heavy duty shears. Great for opening plastic packaging of hard to cut plastic, also for cardboard cutting. These are obviously made from cast metal, and our last shears broke apart after about 5 years of use, so I bought two replacements.
  • Finally...

    John Levin, 3/19/2020 ... a well-made pair of scissors. Like so many common household items, most scissors are now poorly constructed, disposable pieces of junk that are uncomfortable to use and can't stand up to hard jobs (like cutting corrugate). These are up to the task and beautifully made - designed to "last us out."
  • A Gift that Will Be Remembered

    Elizabeth Gilchrist, 12/13/2019 Solid. Sharp. Sensational. Bought as gifts for young and old, male and female friends and neighbors. Garrett Wade is where to shop for the highest quality household and garden implements.
  • Cutting Edge

    Greg, 12/10/2019 Appear to be heavy, quality metal. Bought these for gifts because some in my family do not have kitchen shears. The feature to separate the scissors is require for the kitchen. The sale price is a great bargain.
  • Best household shears ever

    John Sewell, 7/7/2019 Best household shears I've ever owned. After buying my original pair, I shared their fantastic ease of use with friends and family. Several said they'd love a pair so I bought 3 more. Please put the companion Japanese scissors on sale.
  • Nice!

    Adelbert, 6/13/2019 Not like those cheap ones you get at Walmart. I like these so much, I threw my others away. You get what you pay for...
  • Great pair of scissors

    Nikki, 6/11/2019 These are amazing. They are a much needed replacement for my tired shears. They cut through the fat on a chicken thigh easily, and did a nifty job of cutting through a paper wrapper. Even though my hands are partially disabled, I didn’t have any problem with the weight.
  • Fantastic

    Dan, 5/4/2019 Very sturdy with a heavy rustic feel. Nice and sharp.
  • hefty

    Paul Miller, 4/8/2019 Scissors are heavy metal and good quality...they are larger than I would like, esp the handles...they dont fit my hands very well. i would like them in a smaller size. Decided to keep them as husband can use them in his wood working shop.
  • Happy homemaker

    Ann Doe, 12/29/2018 I have been looking for a pair of kitchen scissors for years that will cut through bone joints of chicken and now I have found them. I am evtremely pleased with these scissors. There quality is superb. They are easy to clean a day pleasure to use. I have always been pleased with my purchases from Garrett Wade and will continue to buy from you. Thank you for being available
  • Best ever kitchen shears!

    Brwinsegg, 12/10/2018 Love these scissors! Heavy, well made, and sharp! Also easy to clean, which is always a plus. I've cut flowers, veggies, and have a second pair for meat/chicken. They go right into the dishwasher.
  • Happy customer

    John V, 11/5/2018 Best general purpose shears I have ever bought. Hefty, ergonomic, easy to disassemble / clean, and very sharp. My wife bought a very expensive pair of shears from a cutlery company. This pair from GW is of much better quality at a fraction of the cost.
  • Life changing experience

    Russ falkowski , 11/4/2018 Never knew what I was missing in my life until I used a pair of luxury scissors for the first time . Wow!
  • Fantastic scissors

    Jason, 11/3/2018 Very nice pair of scissors. It operates smoothly, cuts well, and feels great in my hand. These are from Pakistan and made very well. These remind me of a pair my parents had while I was growing up. I'm sure these will last my lifetime and something to pass on which is signifies quality. I will get a second pair.
  • Great Kitchen Shears

    Helen Gardner, 10/26/2018 Great kitchen shears. I should have bought 2 when I found them on sale. Good heft and good looking and they are big enough for a man's hands or a better grip for a woman. These shears are in no way 'sissies'.
  • Reasonable Value

    Coastal_elves, 10/11/2018 Well made, and balanced with good cutting edges and power. It works! and we are happy with it.
  • Bad Boy Shears

    Brant Malek, 8/19/2018 I needed some good general purpose shears for the kitchen, i found them and there awesome!
  • Awesome Scissors

    Ryguy, 5/22/2018 I wanted a pretty pair of dedicated poultry scissors and separate general use scissors to stick on my knife block. I already purchased some sweet poultry scissors, but was just not happy with any general scissors I found previously. I finally found these and they are perfect. Heavy and substantial, huge handles. My hands are also huge so despite these having the biggest handle loops I've ever seen, I can still only fit three fingers. Oddly enough modifying my grip to put my middle through pinky in the handles and keep my index finger up above the loop on the angled part before the blades cross actually is fairly comfortable (if not a little weird to get used to at first) and still feels precise (if not more precise than a normal scissors grip) given the unusual shape and design of these scissors. holding them this way reminds me of how I hold my kitchen knives with a pinch grip in a way... kinda. So finally a pair of scissors my whole hand feels comfortable holding, regardless of whether all fingers are in the loop. Average hands will most likely fully fit inside the loop, small ones definitely will. If not... holding them the way I am is pretty nice. They look super spiffy, and the side is pretty flat so they stick to my knife block really well. If you want to put them on a metal knife block the center pin could scratch it if you're not careful as it protrudes very slightly, but on my wood one it's not a problem. If your magnets are strong enough you could probably just stick them on above the pin and they would likely hold that way too. They come apart in a second, and look easy to clean, sharpen, and polish. They cut well enough to tackle just about anything, probably even poultry though they are too pretty to want to put through that kind of abuse. Think I found my last pair of scissors! Also given the cost of some of the scissors out there, I feel these are priced really well for their quality. Very happy.
  • Great kitchen shears

    Stephen Schnitker, 5/8/2018 These are the go-to scissors in our kitchen. They cut clean and have a nice feel to them.
  • Quality

    Isabella, 4/16/2018 This is the kind of product that I love to buy. Sharp and cuts through anything, great heft that's not a problem even for a petite female, comes apart for thorough washing, aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, I have to hide this kitchen scissors for fear of it going missing. Lifetime product. Thanks GW.
  • Great feel, design, edge.

    Jack Kruse, 4/13/2018 Wicked heavy, good edge, easy to hold for somebody with big hands. Not sure how well they'll work as kitchen scissors (no serration), but I know they'll clean easily, given how they come apart. They look and feel amazing.
  • best scissors I've ever owned

    Samuel Wright, 4/13/2018 these scissors are awesome. Very sharp and strong. I'd say they will be handed down to the grandchildren
  • Scissors

    Bill Schum, 12/26/2017 Super heavy duty like good tools should be - best tool for the job!
  • Finally a man's pair of scissors

    Gary, 12/15/2017 Finally scissors that I can get my hand in the handle. The weight of them allows you to cut anything. Awesome!!
  • Big sharp scissors

    WSK, 7/3/2017 These are big scissors and they are quite sharp. The edges are well lined up for a clean cut.
  • Mr

    Marvin Morrison, 1/24/2017 These are the best kitchen scissors I have ever used. I think they are so good I am going to give them as xmas gifts.
  • Nice scissors

    JE, 1/21/2017 Sharp scissors that don't bind or pinch what you cut
  • I )ove these scissors!

    Bobby , 1/8/2017 I love these scissors. At first I thought they would be too heavy, but then I cut something I fell in love with them. I like them so much I bought 2 pair. I'm not sure I like the fact that the come apart, but that will still be overshadowed just because I like them so much. I highly recommend these.
  • Good Scissors, Chrome Finish

    Kuha, 12/24/2016 These scissors are heavy duty and well made with a solid, comfortable feel. They are easy to clean and cut well. One photo implies that they have a grey finish, but the ones I received are the chrome finish shown in all the other pictures.
  • Good scissors

    Stan, 12/17/2016 I've never seen any scissors like these before. I bought four for Christmas presents. I liked the quality and feel. I didn't, however, see if I could get them for a lower price.
  • Useful Kitchen Implement

    Lee Raudenbush, 11/26/2016 I took advantage of the two-for-one sale on Dave's kitchen shears and I am so glad that I did. They are razor sharp and heavy in the hand and obviously of good quality. They work like a dream, shearing through any of the food that I cut with them. A quality item to last a lifetime.
  • Unstoppable

    Thomas, 11/15/2016 Got a pair for the kitchen. Chews through any type of packaging, snips meats or vegetables. Great heft, easy to clean. Had to get another pair for the workshop. Cuts heavy plastic, fiberglass batts, cardboard, cordage, copper and aluminum.
  • substantial

    David Ziskin, 8/19/2016 I like these shears because they are quite heavy and rugged. I use them as kitchen shears because they come apart easily and can be thoroughly cleaned. I remember as a child watching my mother disarticulate chickens and cut up whole fish with heavy kitchen shears which were not nearly as nice as these. I do not attack whole animals like Mom, but the memory and the association is pleasant. I am considering getting another pair for the shop.
  • Heavy duty and versatile

    K.W. Tucker, 8/17/2016 Heavy, substantial, and well made are the thoughts that come to mind when picking these up for the first time. And using them does not disappoint either, as the blades are sharp and very capable of cutting right through all sorts of materials without a hitch. The handles are generously sized, even for a big fellow like myself, so no worries that these will pinch fingers in use. A great pair of general use, kitchen, or crafting scissors that are a bargain for their quality.
  • Great Never-Fail Gifts!

    MICHAEL, 6/18/2016 The last word pairs of kitchen shears were added to our emergency gift supply- gifts for those who have everything and deserve one more to be given as a last thought or when we have forgotten to buy a gift. These shears are the perfect answer. They are sharp, have micro teeth to keep stuff from slipping, and come apart to go into the dishwasher if that is desired. Our original pair have never needed sharpening. They have been abused, forced to cut bones, break crab and lobster claws, and cut window screen. They did all these tasks and more with ease and without dulling. The gripping handles are perfect for my big hands and only slightly unwieldy for my wife's tiny hands. The handles score a five with me and a four with tiny-handed loved ones. She wouldn't give them away for anything- unless a friend is so impressed that they want a pair of their own. That is why we order three or four pair a year. The same statement goes for the flower shears made by the same company.
  • The Best Scissors

    Ashley, 6/18/2016 We love these! Heavyweight and high quality, they cut great and are a pleasure to use.
  • Tough and Efficient

    M, 5/23/2016 This is a second pair for our son's kitchen. We have had for years and they are tough and efficient - good quality!
  • Nothing better

    Mary, 4/6/2016 I previously had a pair of shears that came apart for easy cleaning. I really like that style especially in the kitchen. These shears outshine those. They are substantial, practical and just plain great!
  • Super Shears

    Mary, 3/12/2016 These are great! They are substantial. They are quite heavy, cut well, and don't rust. Even though they come apart for easy cleaning they are well designed so they don't feel loose. I really like mine.
  • Super shears!

    Hal, 3/5/2016 The shears feel great, are extra sturdy, cut wonderfully and come apart easly for cleaning. Couldn't ask for anything better.

  • Chunky monkey

    A M S, 3/4/2016 Definitely rugged. So rugged they are not the chttter of choice for fine work. Also, if it matters to you, they will not fit in an average knife block.
  • Excellent!

    Mike, 10/24/2015 Used these for a while before writing the review. These are great! Contrary to some other opinions, I do not find them too big or heavy. The cut great and have a nice solid feel. It is nice to finally have scissors that the kids can not destroy.
  • Made For Large Hands

    Edward P, 7/24/2015 These scissors are great for me. I have always struggled with shears that come with a kitchen knife kit or just ones you use in the shop. With these I am able to get my hand in the handles and use force without the worry of having to cut them off after I am done. However, my wife finds them way to big, but she has no problem with the scissors I described earlier. So while these are not made for everyone, they are great from those who get their hand stuck in generic shears.
  • Kitchen Scissors

    Jon, 7/16/2015 These Shears are really great. They are so good that my wife asked me to order a second pair. They clean up nicely and work great on sea food and shell fish.
  • Can't Buy Just 1 (or 2)

    David Freeman, 7/10/2015 I've had one of these scissors in my shop for a couple years. It is tough and has serious heft that has led me to abuse it often but it's very easy to sharpen so no harm done. I recently bought two more as gifts but my wife saw them and assumed one was for her. She was so happy that I quickly redirected one as a thoughtful gift to her. She loves it!
  • Exceptional

    Stanley M. Byer, 6/29/2015 I got one a few months ago & found it Exceptional. I bought a second recently because it is Exceptional. I midnight buy more for anyone I think will appreciate an Exceptional pair of shears !!!
  • Remarkable Shears

    Corey, 4/12/2015 These are heavy duty beautifully cutting shears. They come apart without tools for easy and thorough cleaning. I bought the first pair for my kitchen over three years ago and liked them so much I bought two more. One for my workroom and one just because. Even after three years of use and abuse and still look and work just like new! This is exactly the type of high quality tool I have learned to expect from Garret Wade.
  • Protect Your Scissors, Buy Extras

    Roberta S, 4/7/2015 I bought two pairs to protect my access to one - I KNEW that someone else in my household would run off with them if I didn't buy the second. These are super tools, a bit heavy as noted, but strong, well-made, and even beautiful. I had forgotten how handy it is to have them come apart, too!
  • Best Ever!

    Nancy Gallatin, 2/14/2015 These are the best kitchen shears I have ever used. My husband ordered these shears for me along with a pair of shop shears for himself. I am a petite grandmother having dainty hands, and my husband was concerned about with the size of the grips. He had read the reviews from people that had complained about the grips hurting their hands and other complaints. I find these to be very user-friendly and easy to clean. The quality is beyond comparison with anything I have used or have seen.
  • Our Favorite Scissors!

    JD, 2/13/2015 Fabulous scissors! Heavy duty and well made. We have had a very nice pair of scissors that come apart previously, but these were an afterthought buy and turned out to be the best! Nice feel in my small hands. I don't know why anyone would complain. I had read the negative reviews about them suddenly coming apart, but although we've had these since before Thanksgiving 2014, I've never noticed that happening, not once! Perhaps these other folks haven't used scissors that can separate and go into the dishwasher. For use in the garden or in the kitchen, these are wonderful scissors, and I am VERY happy with them! Our go-to scissors for sure!
  • Heavy and Able

    Michael Young, 2/13/2015 Clauss makes fine products. I use them for fabrics and heavy carpet repairs. These kitchen shears are no exception. They came sharp, are easily taken apart to clean the joint, and the separate halves are actually useful for those odd heavy duty tasks that a lighter weight knife might not handle well. They fit my rather large hands perfectly. These shears can also be sharpened as you would a chisel or plane iron. The reason for a four instead of a five is my wife's feeling that the shears are heavier duty than she is. She has small hands and arthritis. She still uses them for the big stuff and the light weight sewing shears for light weight cutting. I have used them for far more than the kitchen chores- thus the purchase of two pair. I also bought a third pair as a well received gift for the wife's friend, who loves them.
  • Best Utility Shears Ever

    Andrew T. Beem, 2/12/2015 These are the absolute best utility shears I have ever used. They are the most used tool" in my kitchen/garage."
  • Great Kitchen Shears

    Daniel, 1/31/2015 Love them. They work like nothing else I've ever used. I can mince herbs or cut up chicken with the same tools. All stainless and come apart for easy cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Left Hand Approval

    Jonell Cadman, 1/29/2015 First bought a pair of these for my daughter as a gift, my son in law, a lefty, tried them, then collected all the other scissors in the house and tossed them out. After my daughter rescued her sewing scissors, they decided these were the best all purpose scissor ever. I bought a second pair as a present for my son in law, his very own.
  • Great Scissors

    Eric, 1/28/2015 These are well made beautiful scissors. The price is very good for the quality. I highly recommend them.
  • Excellent Kitchen Shears

    Rick, 1/24/2015 These are nicely weighted, solid shears.
  • Quality and Ability at its Finest

    Michael Young, 1/19/2015 Claus has never made a less than superior tool, and this pair of shears is no exception! I gave several pairs as gifts and all comments were the same. All said that they were "heavy", but the balance and shape made up for that. Both ladies they were passed on to were impressed with the fact that they came apart for cleaning and that I could sharpen them if they ever became dull. My personal pair has seen some pretty heavy duty use boning animals and cutting nearly everything that needed cut. I haven't sharpened them yet, but am looking forward to doing some for friends who insist in putting them in the dishwasher. Maybe they will hold up against the dishwasher if they aren't put in the basket disassembled. Again, these are really fine tools and should serve several generations if even minimally maintained.

    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner January 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Michael!!
  • Too Big For My Hands

    Judy, 1/3/2015 The finger space is too big. Neither I nor my husband can open them far enough to make them useful. Wish I could return, but cannot find receipt.
  • Great Scissors

    Everett Haldiman, 12/21/2014 These are a very heavy duty type and I can actually get my thumb out of the scissors. My wife uses them in the kitchen and likes them well. Thank you.
  • Best Shears Ever

    Andrew Beem, 11/12/2014 The Best shears I have ever used. Now the only shears I use. They work smoothly and will last forever.
  • Tough Dawg Scissors

    Vincent Meeks, 9/21/2014 I fell in love with these scissors. I'm the kind of guy that prefers knives but this pair of scissors can do some heavy duty work that a knife really can't do. I love this knife. I even inscribed my name on them! Don't touch my scissors! Lol.
  • Sharp

    Tony Aruta, 5/10/2014 Very Sharp and balanced.
  • SS HD Scissors

    J B, 4/20/2014 Excellent scissors. Well worth the money. Very heavy duty and strong. So good and easy to use that I bought a 2nd pair and probably will buy several to use as gifts. Easy to separate and clean. No negative comments, except may be a little difficult for a person with tiny hands.
  • Great Shears!

    J. Earle, 4/6/2014 These are great shears. We are enjoying using them and really like that they come apart for easy cleaning.
  • Real Heft

    Julian Halliday, 3/23/2014 I bought a pair of these for myself because they looked cool; they are exactly as described in the catalogue, if not better -- their weight and smooth action is quite startling on first encounter. In fact, I liked them so much (and I have a much more expensive pair of kitchen scissors that now sit forlornly underemployed) that I bought pairs for my sister and my nephew. Because, you know, these scissors are just *cool*.
  • Quality

    Gerry Meininger, 3/17/2014 Initially skeptical when I ordered these but as soon as I took them into my hand and felt the weight and heard how precisely the blades scissored, I knew I had a winner. They clip and snip better that any kitchen shears I have owned. I doubt I will need to replace this pair.
  • Good Shears but with a Drawback

    Annetta J. Kushner, 3/12/2014 While these stainless shears have a nice heft and appear to be useful, there is one drawback: they separate too easily when opened all the way. One will have to be mindful of that and avoid this problem.
  • Great Scissors

    Tom Gray, 2/27/2014 These scissors mean business! They have a solid, balanced feel and come apart for easy cleaning. Use them in your kitchen or office or for light duty shop work.
  • Excellent Shears

    Doug, 2/4/2014 Wow. These are heavy! The tips had a bit of flashing from the grinding process, and I scratched myself while handling them. But I got some sandpaper from the garage and in 10 seconds they were smooth and comfortable to handle. I love em! I'm so used to light-weight shears -- these are surprisingly hefty because they are solid metal. Awesome!
  • Not Quite The Hype

    Elad, 1/29/2014 Bought one to evaluate for Xmas gift 2014, heavy, quality SS and the better half said; to heavy for her in the kitchen". I thought the shears came apart to easy. Needs a cam lock or something to stop that from happening. When I picked the shear out of the electrician bag, it fell apart, this happened several times. Last point;"whoever" uses this shear needs strong hands to cut anything thick, the design needs ergonomic improvement. Not buying any for 2014 Xmas gifts. //Elad// "
  • Very Sturdy

    D Merritt, 1/11/2014 These 8 long (with a 3" cutting edge) shears are very heavy duty and very nicely finished. Just pivot fully open to easily separate for cleaning. The openings are large enough to fit those with larger hands comfortably. They are very good value for the cost."
  • An Instant Heirloom, a Useful Tool!

    Timothy Davis, 1/9/2014
  • Giftable

    Jonell Cadman, 12/6/2013 My first impression was that I should return all the other gifts and just give these. Heavy, sharp, solid, everything you want in a kitchen and more shear.
  • A Cut Above

    Ray Resetar, 11/3/2013 Usually everything you buy lands in the kitchen or area nearby. Say good by to the nightmare plastic packaging. These go through anything. Great grip and easy to control.
  • Sissors/Shears

    Jim, 6/24/2013 My wife finds these scissors to be heavy, well made and likely useful for many outdoor chores she does.
  • Works for everything

    Will, 4/23/2013 These are heavy, sharp and extremely well made. From plastic freezer bags to lobster shells to opening those pesky clamshell boxes they work. Got one for the kitchen, one for the shop and one for the condo.
  • Great kitchen scissors

    Chris, 3/18/2013 I just received these and they are excellent. (Once I've had them for a while, I'll revisit. They probably deserve 5 stars, but I'm not going to do that until I've had them for a while.) Heavy, solid and great in the kitchen. Certainly worth the price.
  • Cut a rug

    Terry Polyak, 1/22/2013 Cut a rug, chicken, debone something or cut paper dolls whatever you want, these are great! Get two and give one to friend.
  • Great gift

    Ralph, 1/2/2013 Bought these for a gift to my Sister at Christmas. Everyone that saw and touched them were instant converts - solid construction and easy cleaning - they went to work immediately as kitchen shears with preparations for Christmas dinner - next in line to get a pair for my household.
  • Awesome Kitchen Shears

    Heather, 1/2/2013 I bought these for both my parents and my in-laws as they work so well on meats etc ... in meal prep. Great strong shears!
  • Beautiful

    GTinVA, 11/2/2012 Beautiful shears. Two polished stainless-steel halves and one pivot. No plastic or rubber to diminish their integrity. What could be better. I love great tools. I love these.
  • Sweetheat Shears!

    Don Brurud, 12/14/2011 Heavy, yes. The weight allows more precision. They cut through a chicken with ease and come apart easily for cleaning. A super kitchen shear.
  • Can't beat these!

    Thomas, 4/8/2011 Been looking for some REAL shears..... this is it. Heavy duty, not BS kind of shears. This is not some cheap plastic department store type shears. These are a real man's shears.
  • Big and heavy

    M Dimon, 1/3/2011 Very heavy duty shears; smooth working, even cutting, sharp. Finger holes are too large for my wife's hands but that's ok, I'll have to find a home for them in my shop. lol. Work very well with gloved hand.
  • Take-Apart Construction Rattles During Use

    Jeff , 12/31/2010 These are indeed heavy, solidly made scissors and they do indeed cut well. However, their take-apart construction leaves something to be desired. As you open and close the scissors, they two pieces start to come a little loose, rattling a little in your hand. The angle at which they come apart entirely is also narrow enough that it's possible for the scissors to come entirely apart while you are working them one-handed. Granted, you have to open them a bit wider than you normally might while cutting, but the overall effect is unsettling. All that heavy solidity of the scissors is undone a bit by their loose rattling in your hand as you work them. Still, for their price, you won't find anything nearly so heavily constructed or nice to look at.
  • Shears Extraordinaire!

    Chip Duchein, 12/14/2010 I first used these shears helping cook a meal at a friend's house and was so impressed with them that I immediately ordered a pair. After using them, I ordered three for Christmas presents. These shears simply get the job don in a fashion that I've never experienced before. They are of very high quality, comfortable to the hand, and have easily removable blades to allow them to be sharpened as one would do with a knife. They cut paper as easily as a heavy chicken bone and once you try them, you will not want another!
  • Outstanding Quality

    Chip, 12/6/2010 After using these for 3 months, I can honestly say that they are the finest kitchen shears that I have ever seen or used in my life, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The blades separate, making it very easy to sharpen, not that I have had to yet. Very high quality product!
  • Best scissors ever

    Marion, 12/2/2010 I have a lot of scissors, but these are definitely the best. Heavy, yes, but capable of delicate snipping, too. The only scissors I seem to need anymore!
  • Quality

    Richie, 11/20/2010 they are outstanding
  • get them

    Betty, 8/20/2010 I though they would be too heavy for me and I would give them to my husband, but these are mine. He can get his own.
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