Stainless Steel Woodworking Chisels And Gouges

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Sale Stainless Steel Woodworking Chisels And Gouges
Super Tough Stainless Steel Chisels And Gouges
83R04.01 S.S. Chisel Set (3)

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83R04.02 S.S. Gouge Set (3)

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83R04.10 Both Chisel & Gouge Sets

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For tough utility use and convenient "carrying around," it's hard to beat these 6" long tools. And because they are solid steel, you can hit them with anything without concern about handle damage. Each comes in a set of 3. The Gouges are sized 3/16, 7/16 and 9/16" wide - all with a "medium" curvature. The Chisels are sized 1/4, 1/2 and 5/8" - with the 5/8" size having an unusual very slight curvature and is ground with the edge in a finger nail shape. All are hardened to Rc 52-55.

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Overall Rating
  • Soft stainless steel adequate for light use.

    Marvin, 11/9/2020 Marginally OK quality for price and size. The stainless steel seems softer to me than the claimed hardness. I did not expect them to come finely honed. Few chisels are. But I am surprised at the difficulty of getting them sharpened to a high keenness. Once sharpened, they cut adequately well into soft wood. I see these as occasional chisels where the specific sizes and shapes fit a need.
  • Great but not the sharpest

    Patrick, 5/18/2020 The chisels definitely look cool but I expected them to be much sharper and the 1/2" chisel is dare I say dull. Regardless, I do like the product, but will have to sharpen them myself.
  • Excellent buy

    Mike Pavuk, 1/28/2020 I bought these years ago from these folks, The steel is some type of Stainless Steel and typically the grain structure of SS is such that you can get an edge but typically not as keen with a good quality Carbon steel. I got them anyway, I have 2 sets of chisels and I wanted these for the tool box. They took one heck of an edge, they are as sharp as my Japanese laminated steel chisels. I made some cases from some old leather I had from an old handbag and these sit on my bench top, I use them almost daily.
  • Stainless Steel Chisels

    beverly Abner, 11/12/2017 they look like toys and are somewhat small for good handling
  • Looks great, packaging poor...

    David, 6/2/2017 for the price you pay, you'd think the packaging could be better... the plastic sleeve these came in was broken and looks like what you'd expect from a no-name brand of tools... The tools themselves appear good quality.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Woodworking Chisels and Gouges, and also for bringing the poor packaging to our attention. We will be looking into this.

  • Chisel & Gouge set, file set, customer service

    Lycia a Costa, 12/30/2016 Bought the chisel & gouge set for my boyfriend and he loved the quality of these tools. I also purchased the set of files fir him as he has taken up wood carving. Two other items were no longer available and when I called to speak with customer service they were very helpful and gave me a two day delievery to assure my gifts would arrive in time for Christmas. I Asked for a catalog To be included which was and I wrapped that along with the tools so that my boyfriend will be able to purchase further tools. Very cool tools..:)

    Francis Sawa, 12/18/2016 I purchased this stainless steel chisel set -specifically for splitting frozen hamburger patties. I'll be using it -for other frozen food products as well. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!
  • Nice looking tools, but shipped pretty dull

    Gregory Mead, 3/4/2016 These look nice and I THINK will work well, but be warned, they are not very sharp as shipped and will need sharpening in order to be useful. I am somewhat gratified that I've spent a little time sharpening them on some diamond stones I have, and they're not yet very sharp - which at least means that when I DO get them sharp, they'll stay that way for a while.
  • Good

    Jay Jin, 12/2/2014 This item is good for trim work.
  • Chisel Me This

    Cindy, 12/17/2013 A very nice set of chisels...
  • Good Item

    Robin Antar, 3/22/2012 Great for carving out grapes out of stone, but wished they were carbide.
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