75 ft. Stainless Steel Garden Hose

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75 ft. Stainless Steel Garden Hose
the hose you will never have to replace
14T01.01 75 ft. Stainless Steel Garden Hose

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14T01.02 100 ft. Stainless Steel Garden Hose

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This one is for a lifetime – our 75 ft. long ½" Stainless Steel Garden Hose. It is kink proof, puncture proof, tear and crack proof, animal proof, and corrosion and rust proof. These seven “proofs” are a clear guarantee of its value. It may not be the last hose you ever buy (perhaps you will get another next year), but you will never have to replace it. Note: This hose is not intended to be used for drinking water. The hose liner is made from PVC.

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Overall Rating
  • Hoses convenient but may leak - but customer service is exceptional

    Sandra, 9/14/2020 Bought two of these hoses. One sprung a leak after 3 months. Garrett Wade offered to refund cost. I give the customer service a 5-star.
  • A metal hose? Who'd have thought it? But I'm glad someone did!

    Jon Secaur, 7/3/2020 My first impression from the ad -- a metal hose? It will be heavy? My second impression from the ad -- a metal hose? It will be stiff! But now that I have it, it is amazingly light, incredibly flexible, completely kink-proof, and cool looking -- a superb product! I am buying a second one right now. The only drawback? I wish it came in other lengths as well. A great hose!
  • Buyer take notice

    Philip Bailey, 6/27/2020 A great hose until it springs a leak at the fitting and since it is not like a regular garden hose there are no kits to repair it. My hose did not even make it halfway through the gardening season.
  • It can leak

    Rich, 6/15/2020 Not for a lifetime. Kink free but it can leak. And, once it does, it is impossible to repair!
  • Best Garden Hose

    J M Vizzier, 4/30/2020 I've only had it a short while and it might not deliver the pressure of the hoses it replaced but my initial impression is the best by far. Light, doesn't kink and looks like it will last.
  • Great Hose!

    Sharron Broadwell, 10/3/2019 This hose is great -- not heavy and it is very long, too. One of the best parts is the fact that it doesn't kink, requiring one to walk backwards, readjust for the kink or kinks, etc., etc. It is very durable. We live in South Carolina and Florida. We plan to replace all our hoses at both homes with these stainless steel ones.
  • Excellent durable garden hose

    Jonathan Klemens, 9/9/2019 This hose appears to be one of the best out there! Extremely durable, lightweight and puncture resistant. I purchased two and love them! I’m done with rubber hoses!
  • They are the BEST

    Alison, 5/5/2019 Absolutely Love these garden hoses I have to water quite a distance. Friends were telling me they would be heavy.
    (THEY WERE WRONG). When I ordered the 1st time I ordered 2 this time I ordered 3 I will never buy another rubber hose again. I recommend them to everyone
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