Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker

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Bestseller Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker
Made in Italy
39A03.07 Single Espresso Maker

Available 02/27/2019


39A03.06 Double Espresso Maker

Available 02/27/2019


78A02.06 Double Walled Stainless Espresso Cup

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Operating this Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker is very simple. After putting in the water and coffee grounds to the recommended levels (full instructions are included), place one of our double walled Stainless Steel cups (not included) on the built-in platform, place over a medium flame and wait. After only a couple of minutes, a dark, rich stream of delicious brew flows into your waiting cup. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy it. Available as single or a double spout depending on your caffeine needs.

If you love espresso but balk at the price and complexity of the fancier machines out there, this elegant and easy to use version is just the ticket.
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Overall Rating
  • Watch out for metal shavings

    John, 1/22/2019 The product works well overall and is simple to use. The coffee quality is solid but it does not make much crema. Be sure to run this machine with just water once or twice, because there were metal shavings in my unit that had to be washed out.
  • Espresso Coffee Maker

    cristine mazzei, 12/15/2018 Excellent coffee machine, very well made. But since no dimensions were provided, I was expecting a larger unit. I does not state that you can only make one cup of espresso at a time. I would suggest that you tell the buyer to watch the video, that would increase sales, considering the simplicity of the machine.
  • Espresso Cups

    cristine mazzei, 12/15/2018 Very well made and everything the seller stated. My only suggestion would be to state the dimensions of the cup and also state to the potential buyer that the espresso machine can only produce one cup of espresso each time. If I had known ahead of time, I would only have bought one cup, instead of two.
  • Keeps espresso hot

    Carole Connet, 12/8/2018 I bought two of these insulated cups. Just the right size for the espresso maker. Be sure to turn the handle so it's not over the flame, and use a hot pad to remove because the handle does get hot. Wait a minute and the handle cools enough to drink, while the cup keeps the espresso hot.
  • Magical!

    Carole Connet, 12/8/2018 Works wonderfully well in just minutes. The box does not come with instructions, so be sure to watch the YouTube video. Important not to over-fill with water.
  • Espresso Duo

    John, 12/4/2018 Garrett Wade’s offerings have always been of the highest quality and functionality. The espresso maker is not an exception. The simple design allows anyone to create the perfect cups of espresso. Great product. Highly recommend.
  • espresso double

    ROSA, 11/18/2018 ordered the double espresso and cup very nice quality and very pleased with product
  • Awesome!!

    Jeri, 10/23/2018 What a fun way to make espresso. Love the stylish look of this little pot! It brews very quickly.
  • Who knew?

    Rosina, 8/27/2018 To my delight this silly little contraption makes a decent cuppa, although no crema. I have started to use it more often, as I usually do cold brew, and actually find that I can get two cups out of one filling. The second is almost as good as the first and actually quite decent. I use a very special roast done by a local roaster so that may be a factor. When I'm doing things right I fill it at night and place it on the electric burner when I want it in the morning. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes for a cup. I do have to wait to reuse it as it is extremely hot for a period of time.
  • Simply and elegant

    Cassandra, 8/3/2018 Not only did I find an Italian made stainless steel espresso machine at a great price, but also by a company that I trust for their quality and my items were packaged well and shipped with speed. This machine is common in Europe and I’m grateful to have its novelty available. It’s beautifully made, simple to work and fun to watch. It does get hot since it is heated via conduction. Ordering a cup with it is a good start to measure properly and account for heat durability. A 2 oz Pyrex shot glass would work well as another option.
  • Stainless dual expresso maker.

    Richard Davis, 5/14/2018 We don't use aluminum in preparation of any of our food and drink. This fits our requirements to a tee. It makes two nice expresso cups. We just ordered the stainless dual walled matching cups to have the heat last longer.
  • Fun

    Jim Landers, 5/9/2018 I was amazed when it worked. Am still experimenting with grinds and amounts of coffee.
  • Nice pot. Had a quality issue that I was able to fix...

    Rob, 4/1/2018 Ordering, delivery and price just right, thanks! It was out of the manufacturer’s box and flopping around with other items I bought, but no damage. There were no instructions (not that I need them because I’m familiar with moka pots, plus they are online). Thought I’d have to send back due to some loose flashing or metal around the spout cap on top (kind of difficult to describe)… and it's slightly cocked at an angle. I was able to clean that up and put it on the stove for a boiling water test and it leaked… however I ran several coffee shots through it and no leak, so I’ll keep it (I feel confident that the spout cap is not loose or broken). Still trying to get the grind just right. Tried the same grind (medium fine) and tamping as my similar sized aluminum pot and it was too fine (shot took forever and of course bitter). Made it less fine and brew was not strong enough. I think I’ll be able to dial it in. I was hoping this stainless steel version would taste even better than my aluminum pot that I like… jury is still out on that.
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