Stainless Steel Twine & Cord Dispenser

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Sale Stainless Steel Twine & Cord Dispenser
Comes with a Free spool of Jute twine
Made exclusively for Garrett Wade
87A03.10 Twine & Cord Dispenser

Available 03/15/2021


87A03.20 Set 3 Colors Cotton Cord

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87B01.50 Jute Twine (4 rolls)

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This handy dispenser, made to our specifications, neatly organizes multiple spools of twine. It's perfect for wrapping Holiday Gifts. The tubular frame is 6” wide with 1/4” diameter stainless steel. Just thread the rod through the center hole of your spools, and screw into the other end of the frame. Simple in design, it’s a perfect example of the kind of helpmate you may not realize you need until you start using it.

Comes with a Free 155 ft spool of genuine Jute garden twine.

We also have 325 ft long, 0.5mm braided and waxed, commercial-quality Cotton Cord from Maine which comes in 1-1/2" wide spools in blue, orange, and red. Crafters and home-handy people know the value of weather resistant waxed cord – clothing repair, leather repair, making bracelets, tying up packages or gifts, and a hundred other tasks that occur routinely. All three spools fit across the Dispenser, and individual replacements are available here.

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