Stand-Up Dustpan and Broom

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Stand-Up Dustpan and Broom
save your back and work fast
36E01.04 Stand-Up Dustpan and Broom

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Have you (or others in your family) ever groused about having to bend way over or get on hands and knees to sweep up some small debris on the floor? The answer is “yes” – we all have. Here’s a simple and inexpensive solution – known by commercial maintenance staff everywhere. The steel dustpan is fitted with a 28" vertical Beechwood handle. The natural hair/bristle debris brush has a similar handle. The brush handle hooks into a holder on the dustpan handle for easy and convenient storage. Unhook the brush handle, look down and a clean sweep follows. Nothing could be easier or quicker – and save any strain on your back. Highly recommended. Very affordable.

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