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23M01.03 Stanley Honing Guide Set

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This guide is very effective in holding very short tools (like spokeshave blades). Made of steel, with a cast clamp jaw, it has two side-by-side rollers for an effective roller width of 1-3/8", and a built-in plastic bevel setting guide. Setting instructions are cast in the base.

FREE: The Stanley Guide now includes 2oz. of Honing Oil and a 6 x 2" Utility Combo Stone at no extra cost.

Blade width capacity: 1/8" to 2-3/8". Made in China by Stanley (UK).

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  • Nice kit to keep it all sharp

    Bill Thornton, 10/18/2016 Simple to use and that's the beauty of it. I lock it down with a little piece of scrap wood in front and back on the workbench and the guide gives my irons the perfect angle. As an amateur Luthier I count on my planes and chisels being sharp and this helps to do just that. The stone is great for my pocket knives and the wife loves it when I hone her kitchen knives and scissors.
  • It does the job but can be tedious to set and you must be careful when setting shorter irons.

    Robert Mulkey, 8/27/2016 The honing guide does the job. I bought this guide to sharpen spokeshave irons. It's a very tricky procedure getting the blade square and at the proper extension. Be careful because you are dealing with a very sharp tool. You may want to consider wearing gloves to set your shorter irons. Once I got the guide set properly and secured I was happy with the job it did.
  • Stanley Chinese made Honing Guide set.

    Peter Collingwood, 7/2/2016 I'd have preferred it to be slightly better finished, but then that's normal for most things from China it seems. For the price I think it's a good product. I've managed to sharpen two plan irons so far. A bit fiddly getting the blade clamped square to the stone but once you achieve that it works well.
  • Stanley Honing Guide Set

    Pat Mansfield, 6/21/2016 Worst piece of rubbish I ever bought. It would work if you could lock your chisels or plane irons securely in place but this is impossible to do the way this guide is designed.The piece that is being sharpened will slide from side to side .The guide went in the bin but I kept the stone. I ended up making a DIY guide which works very well. I have never written a review before but when I came across this page with the great reviews and having wasted €30 I had to speak up.
  • I like it

    William Sewell, 4/15/2016 Never knew just how sharp my tools could really be. I just assumed that I had them sharp. Very satisfied with this Garrett Wade purchase.
  • Good value

    Casey, 3/19/2016 Simple setup, good value.
  • Great investment

    Mike, 3/10/2016 ive been sharpening knifes for years with a wet stone and thought I was doing a good job with my planer blades, a few times with this and man was I wrong. This guide is silly easy to set up and use a great investment for success and enjoyment for quality projects.
  • Excellent guide

    John G., 1/14/2013 This has been an excellent buy. I used to think I was getting a nice sharp edge on my planes and chisels until my wife bought this. Now I just feel silly. Even if you are positively sure you can sharpen straight, buy one anyway.
  • Good Investment

    Gary Bobbitt, 4/5/2011 Works well on my dull chisels. They were dull until I got this tool. This was my first order from Garrett Wade & I am very pleased with their service. Placed my order Saturday night & it was in my shop Wednesday
  • Good investment

    Steve, 1/19/2011 I purchased this and a chisel set on the advise of a machinist friend of mine. Great sharpener, very easy and effective. Only bad thing, it was so good a sharpening my old set, I didn't really need to buy the new ones. Finish the sharpening off with a fine polishing grit or stropping but it works great as is.
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