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Sale Std. Shackle Security Lock
Abloy 3020 - classic looks, modern security
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39A02.01 Std. Shackle Security Lock

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The lock body is Solid Hardened Brass (but the long shackle lock is chrome plated), and the shackle is a boron alloy for special hardness and resistance to cutting tools. (The shackle on this lock is 7 mm thick.)But the really special security factor comes from the unique keys. They cannot be copied by any locksmith, so you can have high confidence that the keys that you have are the only ones that are going to open the lock.

Each lock will come to you with a unique registration number for the two keys provided, and will come with instructions for a simple, yet fully secure, process for acquiring additional keys from the lock maker.The cost of a lock should be proportional to the value of what you are securing. If what you are locking up is not particularly valuable, we advise that a less expensive lock be used.

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  • Great Lock

    Jeff Lesiecki, 10/31/2017 This lock is strong and fits my needs of securing a valuable item. It will be used for many years to come. The weight of this lock is surprising heavy. I will be purchasing more, I will not buy keyed alike to increase the difficulty of attacks.
  • Brass lock it up!

    Jay, 4/13/2017 Excellent old time brass lock. Great looking functional key.
  • Best-buy Lock!

    Ryan S., 11/22/2016 An excellent, well-built lock. Abloy is known for being top-of-the-line and these locks do not disappoint! The lock arrived with very quick shipping and I was surprised at its size, as it was a respectably beefy unit...not too large for most applications, but the perfect size to secure our exterior garage door. I am comfortable in the knowledge that anyone trying to break-in will have an easier time cutting through the corrugated steel wall of the garage than they will have trying to sever the boron-alloy shackle on this lock! It came with 2 identical keys, as advertised, and they work smoothly and reliably. It may be expensive as locks go, but I feel that the price is reasonable for the quality. I think you will agree once you hold it in your hand and work the action.
  • Shackle lock

    John Shallenberger, 7/25/2016 excellent lock
  • Best In Class -- Both Locks and Customer Support

    Mike Monnett, 3/4/2016 As I suspected, these locks seem to be best in class. I had four keyed alike; three for outdoor purposes. Too soon to tell, but I really think they're going to stand up much better to the weather than the previous locks I've used. The security feature (a really unique key) is a real plus. (One of the locks is to the hitch on my Airstream; something I'd really prefer not to lose). Here's also a good opportunity to also shine the limelight onto a superb individual. It took two tries for Garret Wade to get this order right; they weren't keyed correctly initially, and then we got the wrong package. Joe Wolfe, their technical supervisor, was magnificent. Made promises that he kept, updated us daily, and turned what could have been a "I'll never buy from..." into a good all-around experience.
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