Unbending Stainless-Steel Hoe & Cultivator Set

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Sale Unbending Stainless-Steel Hoe & Cultivator Set
12A04.01 All-Metal Cultivator

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12A04.02 All-Metal Hand Hoe

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12A04.10 Metal Pair

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This Stainless-Steel Hoe and Cultivator Set is impervious to weather. If you forget this pair outside there’s no need to worry about the heads rusting or the wood handles rotting. The heads are welded to the handles, resulting in one-piece, polished stainless-steel tools that won’t fail. We picture archaeologists using tools like this in the field, because of their lightweight, weather proof, bomb-proof nature. More than adequate for your backyard gardening needs.

Both have 15" handles and recessed hand grips. The Cultivator has a 3¼" wide x 6" long head; the Hoe has a slightly concave and sharpened 3" wide 6" long head. A leather cord allows for storage on a hook. Handsome tools. Very functional.

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  • Solid, sturdy, must have hand tools

    Ninja boots, 4/23/2020 The two have so many good things going for them. Made entirely of metal so there is nothing that will every weather or split. The weight is good and they have nice hand balance. Great for hand weeding and digging holes for planting seedlings. The hand hoe has a very nice ground edge. Highly recommend and am enjoying using them daily here.
  • Exceptional Garden tools

    Kathryn, 4/16/2020 One of the best set of tools I have ever purchased for gardening. The weight is perfect on these, I've been using to dig a very invasive weed out of my flower beds and they both work exceptionally well. I hit a rock with the hoe pretty hard, normally this would have bent the tool, it actually chipped the rock with no damage to the tool.
  • Heavy Duty

    ALBERT GEORGE BENNETT, 11/5/2019 There are very heavy duty hand tools. I am not sure I will let my wife use these tools. She might chase me with them.
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