Steel Layout Hook Rules

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Steel Layout Hook Rules
A great aid in marking out a line parallel to or an exact distance from an edge
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If you have an edge or butt end of a board that you are marking out with the edge or butt as a reference, this simple tool excels. The stainless steel Hook Rule is a godsend for accurate layout. Simply, use of the hook at the end always ensures that the line or point you are constructing is the exact distance from the referenced edge - with no exceptions. This allows you to focus closely on the distance you want to achieve and not on whether the other end of the rule has slipped out of position or not. You will turn to it far more often than you think you will. It's a core tool for exact joinery work and general layout.

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  • Metric measuring

    Blacky , 12/29/2016 Great tool very useful but metric measurements after using both is by far my preferance.
  • Don't Trust The Squareness

    KK5LU, 3/4/2015 I really like this stainless steel ruler. It has good, visible markings on both sides, and is quite stout. But I wanted it because is offered a lip at one end for making perpendicular measurements. But the lip is secured only by one screw, and is not flush at the end of the ruler, meaning it can rock back and forth during measurements. Take care with it.
  • Steel Layout Rule 12 inch

    Wildon Priddy, 10/5/2014 Hefty 12 inch rule, with end hook,easy to read in any lighting level,! Large easy to read numbers.
  • Great Quality

    Lance M, 8/7/2014 Great quality, worth every penny.
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