Stormproof Survival Matches

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Sale Stormproof Survival Matches
Windproof & waterproof for ultimate security
16A01.04 50 Stormproof Matches

Available 01/25/2021


16A01.05 Case w/ 25 Stormproof Matches

Available 01/25/2021


16A01.30 Wilderness Matches Kit

Available 01/25/2021

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Special Price $23.50

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Unusually long (2"), these are the apex of safety matches. They are easy to light and will even relight themselves after being submerged in water or buried in dirt. The long length and 15 second burn time ensures whatever you're lighting will catch fire. Striker included in each box. Available in a pack of two boxes (50 Matches total).

We also have a Waterproof Ribbed Plastic Case packed with 25 Matches (with a rubber-sealed screw top). The Wilderness Kit includes the Waterproof Case and 75 Matches (16A01.04 + 16A01.05) - enough for several days with plenty of room to spare.

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Overall Rating
  • matches

    ROBERT BAZZANELLA, 5/26/2020 They work awesome!
  • Great matches!

    M Garthwaite , 12/22/2019 Exactly what I was looking for, works great!
  • Great camping tool

    Mary Sue Wysocki, 12/17/2018 I bought these for my camping sons and their families. They look to be very good quality and are package nicely
  • Not strike anywhere

    JT, 6/25/2017 Unfortunately like many these are strong at the top and have a tendency to snap off at the base. Also the previous were strike anywhere and these are not meaning if the strike gets wet good luck!
  • The Fittest for Survival

    Dennis P, 5/13/2017 Matches with real flare - and waterproof case w/strike. Great essential add-in to my go bag.
  • Wire Twisting Pliers

    Stephan Gorsuch, 12/5/2016 I bought them for my wife. She does a lot of arts and crafts. She will love it. Good quality. Nice price.
  • Stormproof Survival Matches

    Stephan Gorsuch, 12/5/2016 Very handy. I spend a lot of time in the desert. You never know when they might come in handy. Good price. Nice deal.
  • stocking stuffers

    sfgrandma, 10/29/2016 I won't be using these, but one daughter and one grandson find their employment now and future in the great outdoors; I purchased several items, including these matches, to make their field work easier (and reduce my anxious worries for their well-being. Reports will let me know if they are better than good.
  • Five Star

    shawn, 3/4/2016 These things are amazing!! Every household and survival kit should have them. I purposely tested them, getting wet, dirty and lighting them. Work GREAT!! I will be getting more
  • Essential

    Mary, 1/11/2015 I purchased these to keep in each vehicle along with a homemade survival" kit. With recent temperatures at -35 and glare ice roads, I rest easy knowing we have a wind/water proof way to light fire. We camp as well, and the small waterproof case fits in any pocket. Perfect stocking stuffer, too!"
  • Weather Protected Safety Matches

    J B, 4/20/2014 Have not yet used in real life situation. Got them because of camping in wet mountainous rainy areas. Container is sturdy with 0-ring. Successfully tested for keeping contents dry.
  • The Long Burn

    Brian Wilson, 3/24/2013 Unlike other similarly marketed matches, these are study, impervious to moisture, stand up to wind and - most importantly - stay lit long enough to to the job for which they were intended.
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