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Affordable, accurate, and very user-friendly
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16R01.02 Straight-Edge Power Tool Guide

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This all-aluminum power tool guide is affordable, accurate, and easy to use, making it great for novices and experienced hands alike. Comes in two sections—each can handle up to 4ft. of board stock; clipped together, you have an effective 8ft. capacity. To use it, just grab your sheet stock and slide the removable, adjustable clamps onto each end. Adjust your measurement to account for the 3-½” width of the guide (plus of course your tool’s foot).

If you’ve used pricier power tool guides before, or made a “quick and dirty” version yourself, you know how helpful they are for keeping your cutting line on a straight path. If you’ve never used one, you’ll appreciate the difference in results. We highly recommend this for any woodworking shop or jobsite.
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