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Striking Knife
The most proven mark-out tool you can use
96T01.13 Striking Knife

Available 12/04/2020


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A Striking Knife is a very traditional tool used by woodworkers for decades to mark-out cut lines on a board. It was probably developed in England but the origin of who by and when is lost in the mists of time.

One side of the blade is dead flat and rides snugly against whatever reference you are using as a guide (for example, a steel rule) and the other side is beveled evenly to the center from both edges of the tool. This design allows you to move the sharp knife tip smoothly in either direction without lifting it from the surface - a great aid to accurate work.

Every woodworker, whether casual or professional, should have this in his or her toolbox.

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Overall Rating
  • Very useful

    Mitch, 10/8/2019 While it was pretty rough when it arrived I had expected to sharpen it anyway. I had to do some clean-up first but it sharpened nicely and I find it very useful
  • Use it everyday!

    brian cook, 2/4/2019 This is a great addition to my kit. Much more precise than a thick pencil line for accurate layout and cutting.
  • Striking Knife

    Kevin M Sommers, 11/5/2017 Great striking knife.
  • great little striking knife

    robert jerman, 10/28/2016 handy and sturdy striking knife. inexpensive enough to have several lying around as in my case I am always misplacing things like pencils, etc. far better than pencils or awls for marking out tenons, etc.
  • Excellent Striking knife

    George Fallon, 8/30/2016 This is a high quality tool that is well worth the listed price. It fits the hand perfectly as the handle is round and rotates easily when marking round or curved patterns (as with a French curve).
  • Striking Knife

    Patty Sanders, 9/26/2015 Awesome tool! I have great many projects this marking knife will be used for. Sad (thus the 4 star rating) it is made in China but it does have a sturdy handle and it is comfortable in the hands.
  • Marking Knife

    Larry Grigsby, 12/10/2014 This is a high-quality marking nice. Nice wooden handle protected metal tip. Reduces errors that a pencil mark could give you again another wonderful product.
  • Good Marking Knife

    Ric, 12/4/2014 Great tool, at a great price! Going to buy another for my toolbox.
  • Lost My Old One

    Lance M, 8/7/2014 Lost my old one and these are a must have for a shop!!! I can't go back to a pencil!!!
  • Striker Knife

    Ralph Field, 2/20/2013 This striking knife has taken the doubt out of marking wood accurately rather than relying on a pencil that gets duller as I draw a line. An excellent tool and very good quality. Will last a long time, and save me from guessing on my cuts. Love it!
  • Sharper Then a Pencil Line

    Joel Mochida, 12/24/2011 Better then a pencil for striking a straight line on wood. Long 6 wooden handle and blade that looks like it will hold it's sharpness for a long time. A pencil line varies in thickness but this scribe leaves a line on the wood consistently less then 1/32 of an inch. Also handy to have in the tool pouch but be careful and secure the blade to prevent an accident."
  • Needed deburring

    David Colby, 5/24/2011 The knife tip needed to be deburred as the metal on the tip was rough. A quick cleanup was all that was needed to fix the problem. Subsequently, I have used the knife. Nice balance and weight. The handle is chamfered so it does not roll off the bench. If you are meticulous, as I am, I recommend this knife. I am sure you will find it to be indispensable in your workshop.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We checked our stock and David is correct on 2 counts. (1) there are some very fine burrs left from the bevel grind and (2) if you are meticulous you will take the few minuets to clean them up. We tried the tool before and after the clean up. To be honest it was pretty hard to tell the difference in the line struck after the clean up. But we agree the few minutes it takes to clean up the burrs is worth it.  Our clean up was simple and straight forward. We took a piece of 400 grit paper (PSA) on glass. 3 quick swipes on each bevel and 3 on the flat back and the burrs were gone.
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