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96N03.16 Small Document Case

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96N03.31 Set 3 Small Document Cases

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Beautifully designed, the small case (sized 8-3/4 x 11-3/4 x 7/8") will hold all USA letter-sized bound paper pads, as well as loose sheets. The small size will even drop neatly into a letter sized file cabinet.

Two solid snap closures provide security. You can toss these cases anywhere and be confident that your papers will stay neat, intact, clean, and dust free in the shop. Get 3 at a time and save. Tab/Clasp color may differ from photo. Made In Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • If you need to be organized...

    John, 5/16/2020 I'm one of those people who has always needed to be organized and as years have gone by, more so. I have six two-drawer filing cabinets and I can stand up a dozen of the cases across the front of each drawer and then have room in the back for less important files. I started buying these several years ago and they have served their purpose well. Labeled on the top edge, everything is where it should be and easy to find. My best recommendation would be that with my last order I now have 63 document cases and I will probably purchase more in the future.
  • Very nice but not what I needed

    James Brown, 3/11/2020 I bought the large one, and it is sturdy, and snaps closed very tightly. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right size for what I needed it for. If it had been one inch wider, plus one inch shorter, then it would have been perfect for my purposes.
  • Finally replacing an old one.

    John L Jack Schmidt, 8/31/2018 finally replacing an old one that cracked!
  • Great box for paper

    Nance, 5/11/2018 excellent box for 8.5x11 paper I use for recipes in the kitchen
  • Estate Responsibilites for Two Relatives Made Easier

    Donna F. Opilla, 5/8/2018 There were two deaths in my family the last three years. Each had property and trusts that had to be handled properly as the successor trustee for these two relatives. These document cases are a blessing, in that I was able to keep all bank accounts, taxes, court papers, etc. in proper order to finalize their estates properly.
  • Very useful

    Jon, 7/2/2017 Very useful. I like it.
  • Good for artists of all ages

    Margaret , 6/12/2017 I purchased these in both sizes as gifts for children and adult artists to store "works in progress" art projects. Great transport protection.
  • good

    anna mary crickmer, 3/3/2017 These are not too narrow for me, because I have other things for more papers that I need to corral. It is helpful to attempt to control my endless flow of projects.
  • Not so Good

    Steve, 2/9/2017 This applies to the small document case - it's more flimsy that one I bought a few years ago - thinner plastic forced shaping the front and back for reinforcement and making it impossible to use as a writing surface. There used to be alignment pins molded inside to align the covers but they are gone now. Bring back the old design!
  • Small but important!

    Trinita Logue, 5/5/2016 I didn't know I needed these until I saw them in the catalogue. Perfect for important papers that should not get lost in a huge folder or box. Also, they fit well in a desk or dresser drawer, for easy retrieval!
  • Work truck cleaned up

    Sandi, 5/3/2016 The paperwork that was floating around everywhere in my truck is now confined and easily found. No more rips, no more missing pages. Boss can't be angry at me anymore.
  • File Keepers

    Lynne Andrews, 4/14/2015 These file keepers are FANtastic. They will hold all my tax files for next year so I won't lose half the things I need.I bought three and might go for more. My advice????GET SOME.
  • This is Real Sturdy Not Flimsy!

    hannahbeader, 10/30/2014 Type your review. Hardly ever hear the word Type anymore or Writing! Telling your age. Mostly us kids that grew up with a typewriter. My title says most. It is real sturdy, not flimsy. The two snaps are very firm and do not snap open in a breeze, takes a snap to open this box and a good push to close. I bought it to have a sturdy hang on the wall for information" spot and it is going to work wonderfully for that."
  • Would Be Perfect If It Weren't So Thin

    Little Timmy, 1/17/2014 Thin in the sense of the thickness of the case interior....WAY TOO THIN. The dimensions were published, but the indentations on back and front reduce the already-too small space even more. The material is fine, but previous doc cases I have--not from GW--have at least 1.25 for stacking."
  • Perfect Protection

    Dale, 3/16/2013 This is called a small document case", but for my money it is anything but small. This is letter size, a full letter size! All papers fit in easily without any crowding. Very secure toughness of material, good clear and transparent viewing without any distortion, you can easily read the exposed pages. Safety locking with simple and easily operated latches. I guarantee that you will be happy with purchase...Garrett Wade found something of great worth! And at a great price, as I will be getting more of these!"
  • Large Document Case

    Dale, 3/16/2013 This is the large document case, and it is the perfect size to place legal papers in, the secure latches DO NOT pop open even if handled roughly or dropped. Easily transparent, will also hold folder files with ease. Plenty of room so no scrunching of documents. A great product at a fantastic price, you will not be disappointed.
  • Unexpected

    Joanne Rizza, 1/2/2013 Son-in-law is a custom home builder. As he opened this gift, a small frown appeared. Slowly as questions and thoughts arose, a smile appeared. Then, Ahh, yes.""
  • Sturdy and a good value

    Sarah, 12/19/2012 These cases are rugged and very functional. I use them for transporting papers mixed with steno pads, a couple of pens, and a few catalogs. Just thick enough to hold everything. The construction of them makes them uncrushable and though the closing tabs do sometimes pop off (they go back on), the design of the edges of the case makes it stay aligned and closed even without the latches. Also great for keeping tool manuals together with adjusting tools. I keep my tablesaw manual with the needed hex keys and screwdrivers for brake adjustment and throat plate switches all in one of these cases on a shelf right under my extension table.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner December 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Sarah!!"
  • Safe Portable Storage

    Gary Hein, 9/30/2011 These are wonderful cases for storing documents flat in groups by category. I keep my original archaeological field records in them. They are protected from the elements and hazards of spilled drinks. Since they are flat they don't curl making copies is easy. I have about a dozen or so in use for a project at the moment. I also carry my wood woking plans and notes back and forth to classes. They stay in better shape than a loose pile of paper. The closures can be a bit cranky but I have learned that and work with it.
  • Document Case

    Tom, 6/28/2010 My wife uses these cases to carry loan documents in her notary business. they work great and keep papers organized. The only downside that prevents a 5 star rating is that the larger of the two latches breaks off almost immediately. Maybe she is harder on the cases then some other users, who knows? Regardless, they do the job as intended.
  • Nothing else like them!

    Michaelv, 6/4/2010 Light, sturdy, opaque for privacy. Excellent product and have seen nothing like it anywhere. Only issue is that sometimes the latches get misaligned and it will not close completely. If you are careful this rarely happens.
  • Keeping project info together.

    Marvin, 11/25/2009 It seems I always have several projects going at the same time. The problem for years has been that information for one-project ends up mixed in with another project or miss placed all together. Then I cannot find all the information. These Document Cases solve that problem with all the information for a specific project all neatly stored in its separate case with the project name printed on the case. So simple. Matter of fact I'm placing an order for another 3 pack.
  • Case Keeps Paperwork Together

    Rory, 9/29/2009 I purchased the small document case, #96N03.16, and am pleased with it. It's sturdy, and very handy--especially when traveling!--for keeping paperwork together. However, it's smaller than I envisioned (although the measurements are given!): I would purchased the larger size if I were buying this item again.
  • Good Basic Case

    Jwhitt, 4/16/2009 I got the case to hold hand drawn maps used in training tracking dogs. The small case works well for that purpose.
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