Sturdy Glass Bell Cloches

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Sturdy Glass Bell Cloches
extend your growing season
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51A01.03 Medium Glass Cloche

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51A01.04 Large Glass Cloche

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51A01.30 2 Medium Glass Cloches

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51A01.40 2 Large Glass Cloches

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The technology of these Beautiful bell-shaped glass domes is simple – the dome holds in heat and moisture, creating a miniature greenhouse effect. Two sizes are available for different sized plants (or small groupings of plants): a Large Cloche, with an 11” Base and an Interior Height of 10", and a Medium Cloche wih a 9” Base and an Interior Height of 7".

Cloches are a classic method for adding a little extra growing time in early spring and late fall. Much more than attractive decorative pieces, they are very effective, and sturdy enough that they will last forever if handled properly.

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