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Suede Leather Drawer Protectors
$ 20.95 39.95
A protective Shop Leather is one of those (somewhat unexpectedly) incredibly useful bits of gear that every DIY craftsman should always have available. A thick suede surface is naturally protective and “grippy”. Ours are made in France of premium French cow leather (12” x 20” x 5/64” thick) – suede soft and finished in a tan/gold color. They can, of course, be folded or cut to any size.

Often used as drawer liners, the leather prevents damage to edge tools stored loose. (This also works in the kitchen with valuable knives.) And here are just a few other handy uses for this versatile material:

– Line the jaws of vises or clamps to improve grip or protection
– Cut into strips to make a sharpening strop
– Place beneath vulnerable surfaces on a workbench
– Wrap the surface of an object being positioned with a mallet
– Use as a safe surface to set your valuable bench planes and chisels and carving tools on
– Use as surface for your Float Glass sharpening system
– Use as a router mat
– Lay it on your lap when hand carving small objects like spoons free hand
– Wrap up a valuable tool in a piece before placing in your portable tool box or bag

Cleaning split leather is best done with a suede brush or using our special eraser - item 23E01.11. However, it can also be washed in warm soapy water. The more you use it, the handsomer it gets.
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