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Sale Super-Penetration Garden Shovel
All-steel, Guaranteed for a lifetime of use
Made in the USA
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79W04.04 Penetration Shovel

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27A02.10 Pferd 10" Flat Mill File

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77W02.01 Optional Foot Pad

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The all-steel Super-Penetration Garden Shovel with its tapered pointed blade and fully sharpened sides is the very best tool to use for digging in hard, compacted or heavy clay-like soils. It’s given its name because of its ability to let you “penetrate” with minimal exertion. It’s a beautiful tool that will last a lifetime.

The accessory rubber foot pad fits either side (left or right) and is recommended. Keep it sharp with the 10-in Mill File. All blades and handles are fully welded. Handles are painted for rust protection. Made in the USA.

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  • Perfect

    Susan Kriner, 12/10/2017 I love the weight and the craftsmanship. Don't understand the foot guard but it's a Christmas gift for my love and he will let me know.
  • Penetration shovel with foot pad

    Mary Young Chinn Tracy, 10/30/2017 This is the VERY BEST spade I have ever owned and the kick pad is a must. Really saves the bottom of the foot.
  • Best Investment in Yardwork Ever

    Kandice, 7/4/2017 This shovel has a couple features that puts it above the rest:

    1. It is STURDY! My husband can break an anvil. OK, maybe not an anvil, but he's broken a one piece hammer trying to separate the mailbox post from cement. We have gone thru more regular shovels than I can count. Come to think of it, we lost a shovel in the mailbox endeavor too, We've had this shovel for a couple of years now. It is still in one piece, doing it's job and going strong. A caveat, this shovel hasn't had to go thru any cement/metal trials, but even everyday use at our house is hard on tools.
    2. It is a high performer: Our house is a continual landscaping project. We have clay dirt., It is awful, like partially hardened cement. (Oh look, a theme). Plus there are lots so rocks, the developer wasn't into the niceties. The shovel's features and construction make it so much easier to dig. It has also held its own against digging up tree stumps (6"-8" diameter trees), tree and bush roots, wholes for planting, edging garden beds. Obviously, this shovel is not magic. It's not going to dig thru a large tree's root ball like a hot knife through butter. HOWEVER, it is superior in strength and shape to regular round shovels. It will make jobs SO much easier.

  • Beast of a spade.

    Hunter, 4/30/2017 This thing is a beast, solid construction all metal. The edge on the spade end slices roots with ease. Got it for my 55 year old mother to remove bushes with, she called me the day she used it and said it was hands down the best yard tool she has ever used.
  • Unique for the purpose

    Percival , 4/1/2017 Uniquely designed or the purpose, both weight and sharpness, allowing me to readily dig through dense root mats in my garden. Optional foot pads very useful though beware, supplied nuts/bolts for attachment are shoddy, leaving the foot pads loose, apt to loosen and fall off. Betters to attach foots pads with with industrial quality nuts/bolts and a lock washer.
  • Worth the money

    Alisa Johnson, 10/11/2016 This shovel is worth the high price. As promised, it cuts through the roots of established perennials and smaller tree roots with little effort. It also lacks the weak spot that the cheaper shovels have, so the handle won't break when you're prying up reluctant root balls.
  • Best Shovel EVER

    Susan, 8/15/2016 Finally a shovel to tackle the toughest garden plants and shrubs. After breaking 2 shovels trying to dig out a mature Zebra Grass, I have been able to attack it successfully with this new shovel!
  • Short & Very Sweet

    Polly Hart, 8/13/2016 There's nothing that gives satisfaction like a quality tool that does its job. It'll be hard at work for many years in my garden.
  • Super penetration shovel

    Kelly C, 3/3/2016 Best shovel ever made! This is a high quality made shovel, I was not disappointed. I was hesitant because of the price, however this will be my last shovel I will ever need. It is heavy duty and slices thru dirt like butter. Highly recommend!
  • A Serious Garden Workhorse

    Judith, 6/13/2015 Everything said in the catalog description is true. This exceptional tool will make removal of established shrubs almost effortless. Strong and sturdy, it cuts through tough soils and roots like cutting through butter. This is THE tool to have for serious garden renovation projects.
  • Penetration Shovel

    Tina, 11/8/2014 The super-penetration shovel is nearly indestructible. I am not gentle with shovels and this particular one is a must for Inland Washington and its rock-laden soil. Glad I bought it but sad my 13-inch straight spade is nearly useless here (works great in the clay soil of Virginia).
  • Wow

    Steve, 10/21/2014 In Oregon we have sword fern continually showing up in our flower beds. I hated digging them up to remove them... Not any more... My new super penetrating shovel made short work of this job. Their tough root system didn't stand a chance. I love it.
  • The “Yeoman”

    Mark Foretich, 8/28/2014 I named my new Super-Penetration Shovel “Yeoman” because he's earned my respect. I took a job uprooting hundreds of sapling trees, and it was slow-going until I got my hands on Yeoman. Since the hard work was wearing me down and my regular shovel broke, I had to try something different. With Yeoman, I have transitioned from just working hard to getting the job done. Thank you for making such a tough, well-designed tool.
  • Mill File

    Lorman Lundsten, 4/28/2014 This is a nice new medium coarse file, suitable for removing metal in sharpening or for removing wood in a woodworking project. The handle fit well also.
  • No More Dull Shovels

    Bev, 4/28/2014 I always want shovels to have sharp edges -- it saves so much effort in the garden. This file accomplishes the task in seconds. Now, I sharpen shovels easily during weeks of edging and planting. This file does the work and is a must have!!
  • A Gardening Must

    Mary Ann, 4/8/2014 Our house was built on what was once a riverbed. Dig down a few inches and you encounter hard clay, pebbles and rocks. Frankly, I don't know how we planted anything before getting this shovel. It cuts through our tough ground much more easily and mix in good topsoil and mulch. I have a feeling our vegetable garden will be much more productive this year.
  • No More Dull Shovels

    Bev, 12/29/2013 I always want shovels to have sharp edges -- it saves so much effort in the garden. This file accomplishes the task in seconds. Now, I sharpen shovels easily during weeks of edging and planting. This file does the work and is a must have!!
  • Mill File

    Lorman Lundsten, 11/9/2013 This is a nice new medium coarse file, suitable for removing metal in sharpening or for removing wood in a woodworking project. The handle fit well also.
  • The Ultimate Shovel

    Joshua Bourdeau, 5/29/2013 I had acquired one of this companies shovels about 11 years ago, and when I saw that I could purchase MORE shovels I jumped on it! I ordered two of these, and as like the first one from 11 years ago, you CANNOT hurt it! My favorite is when digging, is to put the blade under a boulder and then jump on the handle a watch the boulder pop out of the ground, works every time! I cannot stress enough how you will NEVER buy another shovel at the hardware store ever again! Oh, and it makes cake out of hard pack clay soil. BUY MORE THAN ONE!
  • Great Shovel

    Sarah, 7/22/2012 The sharp edge of this shovel helps cut through weeds/roots. Great for separating ferns and other overgrown plants without excessive force or strength. Love it.
  • Shovel Review

    Bob, 12/9/2011 I love quality tools and this shovel is an example of a life long garden friend.
  • Zombie Killer

    Steve Parker, 5/18/2011 I think this is the perfect melee weapon to have on hand when the Zombies rise up to claim the world. I'm ready!
  • Zombie Shovel

    John Wayne, 5/16/2011 I am ordering one for the zombie outbreak that is bound to happen. Should make for an interesting melee weapon.
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