Super-Smooth Japanese Kitchen Scissors

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Super-Smooth Japanese Kitchen Scissors
Unusual design operates as smooth as silk
10A01.01 Super-Smooth Japanese Kitchen Scissors

Available 02/24/2021


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These initially caught our attention because of their unusual handles. When we started using them we were blown away with the feel. They are fantastic - smooth, smooth, smooth.

Because the maker designed them primarily for kitchen use, the halves easily come apart for cleaning. They are perfect for cutting chives as well as any herb. Cutting edges are 3". They open and close as smooth as silk - from beginning to end. This is a beautiful tool for any home. Absolutely elegant. Made in Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Exclusively mine. I might buy another pair to share.

    Mississippi Kittenfish, 10/13/2020 These scissors are wonderful! They're expensive, but worth every cent. Very smooth! I'm sure they're durable, but I'm still hiding them from Mr. Kittenfish because he's hard on things and he doesn't put them back. These scissors are a privilege, not a right!
  • Great scissors

    John, 4/19/2020 Excellent scissors. Very sharp and ergonomic. Well made.
  • Best ever scissors

    Mary Lynn, 3/31/2019 Best scissors I’ve ever used. I keep pairs anywhere I need to reach for scissors, and I give them as gifts to friends and family who all love them as well.
  • Japanese scissors

    Ian Neale, 10/22/2018 Excellent scissors. Smooth, sharp, easy to use, well designed.
  • had to replace them

    WILLIAM FLYNN WALLACE, 10/18/2018 Mine got stolen or lost and I cannot do without them. Cuts anything easily - probably wire but I would not do that. Hard to beat Japanese steel.
  • No matter how you cut it, these scissors are exceptional!

    Kim, 6/28/2016 Purchased the Japanese House Scissors for a gift. Loved them so much I will be ordering a pair for myself. Exceeded my expectations.
  • Best Ever

    David Heskett, 8/17/2015 Trim hair, cut paper, snip chicken: the scissors are flawless. Comfortable too.
  • May Look Weird, but WOW!

    Jan, 3/22/2015 Of all the many scissors that we have scattered around our house, I find myself traveling a few feet extra to get to the drawer where I keep these. They are comfortable and work incredibly well. I think I may have to buy a few more pair!
  • KS-203 Scissors

    Mark B, 8/9/2014 Have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I purchased these; given the price. But I was looking for something better designed and better built than the usual fodder. These scissors are magnificent and, after some use, a good value for the money.
  • Japanese Scissors

    Judith Carr, 1/2/2013 These scissors are marvelous. I am a fabric artist and they cut material like a dream. I find them aesthetically beautiful and display them when I am not using them. Just marvelous!
  • Good Scissors

    Smokey, 12/12/2012 I bought this scissors and the $25 kitchen ones. They are both excellent. Almost identical in quality and utility. Therefore, I recommend the $25 shears, based on the cost difference.
  • Give Them A Chance

    Yorkxan, 4/4/2012 At first the handles were just not a right" feel. So procrastinating on sending them back and using in the mean time they are now my first scissors to grab for around the house. A friend used them and was wowed by how good they cut is now going to get a pair for Christmas!"

    Yorkxan, 1/12/2012 These are strong, sleek, sharp! I started to send them back because the handles are a little awkward, but the more I used them the more I kept going back because of the quality and decided to keep them. Would buy again!
  • Seamstress

    BYF, 11/19/2011 It is a well-known fact that seamstresses and home-crafters have made use of their husbands' tools for many years. This household is no exception. I have made a deal with mine: I'll leave your shop alone if you leave my sewing tools alone! He always wants to grab my scissors...just for a minute, Dear. When I saw these, I thought they would be nice to have around for his little purposes. Little did I know that they would rival the precision and sharpness of some of my better sewing shears! and I am so glad I did not tell him that I was getting them. These will remain in my sewing room, and I will be getting another pair to use around the house. I really was delightfully surprised at the quality - you won't be unhappy with the purchase. They are well worth the price.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2011 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Bridget!!

    DED, 1/3/2011 This is perhaps the finest and most pleasing tool I've ever bought in my 67 years. It is elegant, yet honest. And you'll be shocked that something that looks so good would feel and perform perfectly, too. Don't let its looks make you doubt its function. This tool is made with precision that makes me smile. I plan to order half a dozen more to use as gifts. This is an instrument that you'll be proud to have bought. It's form AND spades.
  • Tight & Precise

    M Dimon, 1/3/2011 These feel like a surgery instrument. Very sharp, tight and comfortable. They are a little expensive, but once you get them in your hand (and out of your wives)you'll know why. Quality matters; that's why it's Garrett Wade for me!
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