Super-Tough & Sharp Hedge Shears & Pruning Loppers

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Super-Tough & Sharp Hedge Shears & Pruning Loppers
14T02.01 Super-Tough Hedge Shear

Available 04/30/2019


14T02.02 Super-Tough Lopper

Available 04/30/2019


14T02.10 Super-Tough Lopper/Shears Set

Available 04/30/2019


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There’s nothing remotely delicate about these tools. No matter how tough the material you have to cut, these will do the job. The cutting blades are drop-forged and thicker than normal, and very sharp. The aluminum handles use more material than usual and the attachment fittings are substantial. The purpose of the design is to provide tools that are significantly more robust. The Hedge Shears even have a notch near the pivot to grip thicker hedge branches firmly. Handles on the Loppers are 22" long and the blades on the Shears are 11½" long. You now have what you need to do the job. The rubber fitted ends of the handles are comfortable and very easy to grip. Substantial rubber bumpers absorb the closing jolt of repetitive work.

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