Table Saw Taper Jig

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Winter Sale Table Saw Taper Jig
Convenient and fully adjustable
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98N03.01 Table Saw Taper Jig

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This aluminum Taper Jig includes a built-in scale and is fully adjustable. It may be assembled for either left or right hand use. Use it with your rip fence to cut tapers up to 15° - a 3" taper per foot. Overall length is a generous 24". (Shown before final Rip Fence positioning.)

Made In Taiwan.
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Overall Rating
  • Good taper jig

    Oguz Tanrikulu, 6/11/2017 Looks well made.
  • Useful jig

    David Allgyer, 4/17/2017 Seems like it will be sufficient. I like the simplicity compared to other taper jigs. One downside is that when cutting low angles, the guide rule protrudes out over the work piece limiting the thickness of wood you can cut ( depending on the length, the work piece can fit in front of the guide) Overall a good purchase.
  • Great jig!

    Jeremy, 5/6/2016 I think it's an excellent jig. Sturdy aluminum and I was able to determine how to assemble it with the instructions provided. Thanks!
  • Table saw taper jig - works fine

    Richard, 3/24/2016 Was going to make my own ... until I came upon this. Like the handle and stop mechanism. Adjusting to correct angle of cut takes time and talent. Like the light weight and have used it on projects to much success. Price is right.
  • Common sense may be required to operate power tools.

    TL, 12/3/2015 Hey Dummies, your not supposed to slide the jig into the saw blade. Slide the wood down the jig into the saw blade. If you cut the jig?, step away from the table saw.
  • Don't Saw Through The Jig

    David Bussey, 9/3/2015 The way this is set up on the saw table for the photograph, cutting the board will also result in cutting the jig. Good thing it's aluminum.
  • Table Saw Taper Jig

    Thomas K Hoyt , 6/30/2015 Been look for this tool for a long time. I have been to Lowes, Home Depot & even Grizzly tool. Who knew you would have it. Thank you.
  • Works, but Flimsy

    Daniel, 4/6/2015 I'm a bit disappointed with the overall quality. The main pieces are thin aluminum extrusion, with more flex than I'd like, the hinge is a bit sloppy, and the angle gauge is not accurate enough to be of any use. With some of my own modifications, I've been able to make it work well enough ~90% of the time I need an angle jig (using a protractor to set the angle), but it's not the high quality I have come to expect from Garrett Wade. Though to be fair, it's probably reasonable for the price, which is why I rated it three stars.
  • Taper Jig

    Tom, 9/23/2014 Anyone that can't see that the fence is not set yet shouldn't be playing with power tools.
  • No Operating Manual

    Ken, 12/9/2013 I really like the product, but I find that Garrett Wade should provide outstanding customer service by making the manufacturer providing pictures that show the correct use of the product and directions in proper English with the correct spelling. The direction sheet referred to an Operating Manual that is not included with the product.
  • Unfortunate Photo

    David Janzen, 9/13/2013 The photo of the jig shows a very radical taper, and would cause the blade to come in contact with the metal jig. I am sure no one would set a jig up like this...but why did they show this poor example.
  • Taper Jig

    George Stevens, 11/23/2010 The product was just fine, however, the mfg. should write instructions for use that fits into a uninformed mentality or a 'rookie' and not make assumptions. I have bought product from you people since the 1980's and love the products offered and their uniqueness.
  • Poor Instructions

    Jeff, 10/13/2010 This same jig is sold under a few different brand names - they all appear to be the same. I thought the design of this tool makes it flimsy. Most of the parts are attached to the jig without washers (the stop and the scale). Two washers are supplied, but no mention of where they go which left me guessing where to use them. The adjustable piece you see in the center of the tool is attached with two thumb screws. The one on the right has a square hole which helps lock the thumb screw in place. The one on the left has a round hole, which repeatedly came loose. This means it is impossible to lock the angle of the taper in place for narrow taper cuts. If the taper is wider and you can manage to get your fingers in there to tighten the little nut under the thumb screw, then you may be OK. Poor design and not worth the trouble. Very poor instructions.
  • Table Saw Tapper Jig

    Jay Peck, 6/16/2010 I bought the tool because my son and I are going to build a kitchen load of cabinets. We are planning to have many drawers and full extension shelves that would not allow the contents to roll of the sides. At $75 per sheet of plywood we thought this would save us some money and give a professional look to the pull-outs. The only problem is the photo would have you sawing into the Jig. This is just a photographic problem by some one who didn't know how to use the jig.
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