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Sale Table Vise & Anvil Set
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18B02.03 Ideal Bench-Top Utility Anvil

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18B02.02 Medium Sized Multi-Vise

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18B02.20 Table Vise & Anvil Set

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This versatile cast iron tabletop vise features a double set of fully rotating jaws. The smaller set is smooth and 1-1/2" wide. The other is 2-1/2" wide, with corrugated gripping surfaces, and three sizes of grooves to hold small round stock. Both sets have a maximum opening width of 2 -¼”. A flat 1 x 2” area on top of the main body acts as a useful anvil-type surface, and the entire vise assembly rotates 360˚ on the base.

Notably, fully tightening either set of jaws onto your item (or tightening the base rotation lock) locks both of these rotations--a very handy and timesaving feature. The whole assembly clamps solidly to any surface up to 1-3/4" thick (but also has 3 bolt holes for more permanent mounting).

This is a perfect “in-between” size--neither a big HD vise nor a small crafts vise, it has a huge range of functions, and is a real beauty that anyone with a small- to medium-sized shop will go to all the time. Beautifully thought through and a great value.

Standing 4" high and weighing a solid 11 lbs, with a 4 x 2" flat surface and the traditional curved “horn,” this beauty has everything you will need in an anvil in your shop--unless of course, you are a blacksmith, in which case you already have a huge one floor mounted. For the rest of us, this is the one we need.

Built and sized just right for the work you will require from it, it’s perfect--what more can we say? And best of all, it’s very affordable.

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