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Exceptional New Tactical Sized Hi-Tech LED Flashlight
$ 169.9
We have a special affection for compact High-Tech LED flashlights that have exceptional beam reach. This tactical sized light (only 6" long, ½ lb), packed in its aircraft grade aluminum case has the necessary power and (very critical) a specially designed interior reflector for a long throw – 2,000 ft. And its generous case-knurling throughout ensures a secure grip. Waterproof to 6½ ft.
Output is a max 2,000 lumens, with 6 output levels from “firefly” (1 lumen – 500 hours) to 2,000 (lasting an exceptional 1 hour). Designed specifically for law enforcement, search and rescue and all outdoor activities. The built-in charging function with its special 18650 Li-ion type battery uses the supplied cord with a micro USB port. (In an “emergency” it will function using 2 standard CR-123 batteries). Full instructions provided. A beautiful light. Highly recommended.
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