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Built by Benjamin Chandlee Sr., a famous Quaker clockmaker who worked from 1741 to 1774. Made of mahogany. Comes with information on where to buy the movement. Height 94". Width 20-1/4". Depth 10-1/4".

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The late Carlyle Lynch (1909-1989) was an inspired teacher of woodwork, drafting, and metalwork. He was a furniture maker and author with a lifelong passion for classic American furniture. Lynch took it upon himself to measure outstanding pieces of 18th and 19th century American furniture and to create detailed drawings so that the furniture could be reproduced by woodworkers who shared his passion. The furniture items for which Lynch prepared drawings read like greatest hits of American furniture: Four-poster bed; Windsor chair; Queen Anne table and many other great pieces.

Each set of Carlyle Lynch measured drawings is accompanied by a detailed parts list with measurements, a list of hardware, and notes detailing any extra information that might be required, such as certain construction details.

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  • Fascinating Challenge

    John Jones, 5/20/2015 I spent a summer building this clock which now stands tall in my living room. The project required quite a bit of detective work. I couldn't find a brass face of the size required so I had a paper one custom drawn. Instead of mahogany I used walnut. Then I added cherry stain which resulted in what I feel is a lovely reddish tone. I didn't want modern glass so I purchased antique wavy glass that I had cut to proper size. Although this is a very tall clock it is fairly shallow. So to fit the clock works that I had on hand, I had to shave the internal mounting blocks to squeeze my works in. I was surprised to find the brass spears and column pieces are still available. If you're willing to work slowly and carefully, and do your research for the needed components, you could end up with a magnificent major furniture piece that could last for generations.
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