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Sale Talon Pegboard Hooks
Changes the way you'll use pegboard storage & will never fall off
09K01.10 Set-Up Pak (50)

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09K01.11 MasterPak (100)

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09K01.01 #1 Curved Hooks (12)

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09K01.02 #2 Straight Hooks (12)

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09K01.03 #3 Straight Hooks (12)

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09K01.04 #4 Straight Hooks (6)

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09K01.05 #5 Screwdriver Hooks (6)

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09K01.06 #6 Pliers Hooks (6)

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09K01.07 #7 Short Span Hooks (12)

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Not all pegboard hooks are made alike. Anchored in two places, you can take a tool off these nylon hooks hundreds of times and they will never come off. Will mount to all 1/4" standard pegboard.

In addition to the basic Curved Hook, the Talon line includes three Straight Hooks (1-3/8" long, 1-3/8" long - small bar and 3-1/2" long), a Dual Screwdriver Holder, a Pliers Holder, and a 1/2" Short Span Clip for a tool needing strong support. Sold by specific style in packs of 6 or 12.

The Talon Set-Up Pak contains 50 pieces: 9 Curved, 20 mixed Straight, 6 Screwdriver , 6 Pliers and 9 Short Span Clips. For those who need more initially, the Master Pak contains twice the quantity of the Set-Up Pack in the same proportions at a saving.

Get the packs of the individual styles as needed to fill out your needs.

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Overall Rating
  • Great for Organizing Tool Bench

    Kim, 7/10/2020 Sturdy. They do what they're supposed to. My tool bench looks a lot better and I can find what I need a lot more quickly. A bit expensive IMHO for a bunch of plastic but they do work well.
  • I'm so happy to be organized!

    Mary Jane Pozarycki, 7/7/2020 Our garage is becoming so organized! I "installed" 4' x 8' of 1/4" pegboard, and ordered the 100 piece kit of hooks, plus the 5 shelves and I am excited. Walk into the garage and see 80% of our tools neatly hanging. I am planning to get more pegboard for another area by the work bench to make the most popular tools conveniently located. Our Dads would be so proud!
  • Mr

    Chris Schad, 6/30/2020 Great piece of hardware, however the shipping is very pricey.
  • Excellent hooks!

    Diana, 5/9/2020 These hooks are the best looking I have seen, I use them for a pegboard that my husband made to hang my sewing tools and is the best thing ever! I can reach for my tools without digging in drawers and the hooks don't come off ever because they are so well attached to the board.I also like that the nylon will never scratch my scissors.
  • Great Peg board hook!!

    Jim, 4/17/2020 I have not got to use the Talon Pegboard hooks yet. Need to purchase some peg board in order to use the hook. Since we are on lock down due to the coronavirus not sure when I will be able to get the peg board and put the Talon hooks to use. However I have looked them over and I do believe they are the answer to my problem of pulling the hook off the peg board with the tool. So I would have to say that they are excellent.
  • Great Pegboard Hooks

    Bob Becker, 4/28/2019 These peg board hooks are far and away better than any metal pegboard hooks I have ever used over the last fifty years of shop use.
  • A great find

    Michele French, 3/19/2019 As a woman who likes my tools organized and returned to the same place each time they are used, I love these. No more chisels leaping off the pegboard when I'm after a hammer or duct tape dropping behind the workbench.
  • Great Organizer

    Cathy, 12/29/2018 Nice product to keep the workshop organized. No more misplacing tools.
  • Talon

    Jim Brandenburg, 11/8/2018 Best peg board hooks of all the ones I have tried.
  • Talon pegboard hooks

    Barbara , 12/26/2017 I think they are great. I am setting up a workshop to pour concrete mold items and they are just perfect for hanging my molds on the pegboard
  • Superior pegboard holders

    Kendall Clevenger, 11/11/2017 These are superior pegboard holders. Once installed they will not fall out, but can be removed if you need to change their position.
  • A Good Buy..........

    Raoul LaFlamme, 6/14/2017 I purchased the Set-Up Pak, but have only used a few of the hooks so far. They seem to hold very well to pegboard & give a very neat & organized appearance.
  • Talon pegs

    Scott Eason, 2/24/2017 Love these! Easy to install, strong, and well built.
  • pegs

    Michael Platarote, 1/21/2017 the product appears to be great for an ordinary peg board but mine is made of plastic, hence, there is no "give" to allow the product to be attached.
  • Superior

    John Lyon, 6/11/2016 Much better than the metal hooks I had on the pegboard before. Very sturdy, and attractive.
  • Peg Board Organizers

    Tom, 5/26/2016 The Best Peg Board organization system. I have looked on line then in many stores to find a good system to keep the hooks and hangers in place on peg board. Then I happen to look through your catalogue and see them and my eyes lit up. I received these the other day and my wife and I have been having a good time solving some small but definitely annoying problems. Going out to grab a tool off the board and not having to worry about pulling the hook off with it is very comfortable now. Thank you again for carrying such great products.
  • Great "organizers " !

    Greg !, 5/8/2016 Futer use & set up - I've "smaller sized pegboard" mountings- so on a "calm day"- I'll set them up ! No "drama" needed !
  • Pegboard hooks

    Bob Brickman , 3/10/2016 These are the best hooks available. They install easily and don't come out. A superior product.
  • Really Works!

    Steve Stanton, 10/12/2015 After years of trying different ways to get hooks to stay put, these beauties really do the job! Easy to install, easy to move, everything they claim to be!
  • Pegboard Hooks

    Larry Grigsby, 12/10/2014 This product solved all the trouble some problems that come from owning a pegboard the standard hooks - Will almost always fall out. With this style they're attached to the board. Preventing any books from being detached from your pegboard. This is a great product.
  • Shop Tools

    Charles Louch, 12/10/2014 The pegboard tool holders work very well. They stay put when removing a tool for use. That's a great improvement over traditional pegboard tool holders.
  • Simply the Best

    Todd, 11/4/2014 Finally! My pegboards are all 1/4 but the big box stores only stock 1/8" hooks. On top of that the plastic "hook keepers" designed to hold the hook in place never stay put - one little bump and they fly across the shop like a kid's rubber band gun ammo. Not so with these! Big, beefy, and with ingenious mounting pegs they STAY in place!!! Who'da thunk, huh? Brilliant! I started with a few of the pegs and plier holders and like them so much I just ordered flat shelves and shelf tool holders. But please - ignore this review and don't buy any of these. I may need more and don't want to risk them running out :-)
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Todd!!
  • Talon Hooks

    Barry, 1/28/2014 Buying the bulk pack of 144 makes this worth the cost, especially if you split it with someone. The first time you reach for a tool and the hook doesn't come out, you will agree these are worth the investment.
  • Back Saver

    Tom Kunze, 1/24/2014 These tool holders do exactly what is advertised. They don't fall off the wall when you get your tool. Back savers because now I don't spend time crawling on the floor looking for the hook that just fell. They're great.
  • Nylon Tool Holders

    Jeff, 1/23/2014 I am setting up shop and have lots of peg board lining the walls. I've purchased the master set and some special peg board shelves/trays also offered by GW. They appear to be better than the old metal hooks but time will tell if the nylon holds up to shop use. Check back with me in about 5 years.......
  • Pegboard Toolholders

    J. Previll, 11/12/2013 These toolholders can be used for pressboard or metal wall board. The #2 and #4 tool holders are good ; however, they do not hold items 3-5 lbs or over without bending.
  • Well Done

    Ken, 8/3/2013 These devices are well-engineered to perform a mundane task with the best possible results; pegboard toolholders that are securely fastened to the pegboard allowing tools to be properly positioned. I am very pleased with the results of having various items displayed upon pegboard with the knowledge they will remain in my intentioned configuration.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner August 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Ken!!
  • Hangers and Shelves

    Don Andersen, 3/25/2013 These hooks and shelves seem to be real strong and stable. So far not one has broken and they are easily moved so new tools can be added as needed. As my shop grows and becomes more organized I'll use more Talon Toolholders. It is so nice to be able to find the tools I need at a glance and have a place for my tools instead of just throwing them in a drawer or on the bench. Don
  • Excellent

    G TULL, 3/1/2013 These are the best holders I have found. Far superior to the metal ones.
  • Talon Pegboard hooks

    Mike, 2/26/2013 etc...
  • Brill

    Cass, 1/19/2013 At last, pegs that stay in place even when they get knocked.
  • Plastic vs. Metal

    Dick Bonneville, 12/26/2011 Since trying these plastic hooks I've been replacing all of my metal hooks. The plastic hooks secure themselves in the pegboard and do not come out every time you take a tool out of them like the metal hooks do. When you need to re-position them they easily can be removed and re-positioned.
  • Very inovative product.

    Richard Bonneville, 2/15/2011 Used these pegboard hooks for the first time. They sure beat the metal hooks that are alway falling out when you remove an item from them. After trying these, I replaced all of my metal hooks that I could with these.
  • Talon Tool hooks and hangers

    Houstin R Hutton, 12/16/2010 I have a long an narrow garden and tool storage feet by 30 feet under my front porch with the entry door being least visable of all. Right inside the entry door I mounted 2 4' x 8' sheets of pegboard for garden tools etc. Since is out of direct weather and yet has exposure to the elements I sealed the pegboard and am slowly mounting the Talon tool hooks to increase ready visability.
  • Great ... But!

    Slence Dogood, 4/10/2010 Great hooks... Holds just about anything. Been using them for over 10 years. Carpet tack puller makes the screw back out every time. Will show signs of fatigue over time with heavey things
  • on the other hand...

    Jerald, 7/14/2009 If you know where you want the hook to be (and stay) and are tired of the metal hooks that fall out repeatedly then these hooks are terrific. I haven't found a better hook for my purposes.
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