Tax Information

We are obligated by law to collect Sales Tax only on orders that are shipped to addresses within New York State and Ohio. The regulations in those states assess this Tax on the total of the order including shipping charges. Those collected monies are remitted to those states every month.
Sales Tax is officially a “Sales and Use Tax” in New York and Ohio. In effect, we are simply passing through to New York and Ohio 100% of those monies collected on our customer’s behalf.


Following a recent Supreme Court ruling, if required, we collect tax on all shipments to locations that have Sales Tax in effect & those states obligate us to do so. The amount due will be calculated at the time of orderings and added to your total.


Most states have a “Sales and Use Tax” policy. Although we are not required by law to collect and remit this tax for shipments to other states, all customers in other states with a “Sales and Use Tax” remain obligated to remit the tax on their purchase to the appropriate revenue office in their state. This obligation is not waived if the purchase is done remotely via the internet or other out-of-state channel. For additional information on your obligation, contact your state's government.