Teepee Backyard Tent

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Winter Sale Teepee Backyard Tent
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Memories of childhood summers, endlessly outdoors, in the bushes playing “cowboys & Indians”, building forts with old furniture, boxes pilfered from the garage and sheets from mom’s linen closet, catching heck, but we didn’t care – happy thoughts like these come to mind the moment we lay eyes on the Backyard Teepee Tent. Imagine what springs in the imagination of a child!

Five-sided with wood poles at each corner tied together at the very top with “painted” fabric and a real “entrance”. About 6 ft tall, it’s got about 20 sq ft of room inside – plenty of space for a few kids to gather and let their imaginations run free. If a backyard’s not available, a large room in the house will do well.

The true test for us was when we photographed the Teepee, us geezers were discussing how best to pose our model (a real kid!) when in she jumped with evident joy. Making herself at home, stretching out she brought the scene to life.

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