Tenderizer Mallet & Vintage Butcher Knife

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Tenderizer Mallet & Vintage Butcher Knife
02B15.32 Vintage Butcher Knife

Available 03/15/2021


56A05.03 Tenderizer Mallet

Available 02/25/2021


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This is a great pair to have in your kitchen drawer, especially when you need to tenderize meat for making cutlets. The German-made Meat Mallet has a gorgeous, turned Cherrywood head. The business ends of the head are serrated aluminum, with two different grades of tenderizers, including an aggressive, 8-star pattern on one side. The special Mallet has a 9" handle and a 4" long head. The broad-handled 11½" Vintage Butcher Knife was part of a trove of re-discovered (by us) vintage cutlery, made decades ago by master craftsmen in Thiers, France. The medium-stiff 6½" blade can handle large cutting jobs, while the tapered tip allows for precision tasks like boning. Brass pins.

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  • Watch Out...I've Got a Mallet!

    Just a Guy in Texas, 3/3/2020 Heavy, well made mallet! I haven't used this yet to tenderize meat, but I'm sure it will make a good weapon should I need to knock an intruder out! LOL!
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