Personal Machete - Incredible attention to detail!!

Worlds best machete!!
- Anthony

Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill - Buy this tool

I have an original Yankee Drill that I have had since 1964. It still works like a "Bandit", just needs a squirt of 3 in 1 oil to keep it in good working condition. If you don't own one, I highly recommend this tool for your wood shop!
- Dick

Brass/Copper Table-Top Oil Lamps - Solid Construction

I received two of these beautiful lamps yesterday. My fear before I bought them was that they would have a cheap, tinny feel. Thankfully, I couldn't be more wrong. Weight was substantial and construction was solid. Nice job Garrett Wade!

Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Saw - Amazing Tool!

I used to use this at my job, as a TelCo Lineman. We were forever using the things. Arborist saws like these can cut wood, even if you're using the saw with one hand to cut small logs for home use. We didn't use this particular saw set, but I can surely attest to the amazing ease of cutting branches down from the ground, right out to a 3 story height! Get some extra poles for those really high branches, and those pesky trees that are just... "a bit too high". It's a real work saver! Mine's going on order right now! I mean, from Garrett and Wade? Who can beat the quality???
- C Dinegar

Tin-Metal Circus Set - A Happy Grandson

The attention to detail on this product is awesome. After receiving electronic toys, Star Wars characters and other modern day devices, I was very pleased to watch my grandson choose this as one of his favorites.This toy stimulates the imagination of the young and the old and makes a great gift for any time of the year. I am very pleased with this product and services of Garrett Wade.
- John B Lesley Jr

Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill Bits - Yakee pushdrill bits

I have had this yankee push drill for more years than I care to remember. I can sharpen the larger bits but not the small ones. I was glad to find this set of bits. They fit this old drill perfectly. Absolute satisfaction!
- Robert L. Wehrley

Gerstner USA Oak Chests - Red oak veneered Gerstner chest

As you would expect from a Gerstner product, it is well constructed, well finished (mostly furniture grade plywood, veneered in red oak) , part of their "National" product line. For me, the visible plywood edges detracted from the overall appearance. Garrett-Wade service was excellent.
- Charles Mihle

Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill - Garrett Wade a priceless resource for irreplace...

Yankee drill is one of the handiest non-power tools you can have. Perfect for cabinet work or countersinking screws; any job where it's a hassle to have to be plugged in. Garrett Wade is a priceless resource to have parts for these vintage tools.
- Charles Williams

Extra-Long Shoe Horns - Outstanding.

Outstanding! Almost impossible to find shoehorn of this quality--except at Garrett Wade. Pays to go through those catalogs.
- J Gallo

Rotating Combination Multitool - Great gift for Hobbyist

Very glad to have found these. Do a lot of small hobby work, will return for more great stuff.
- Brent Lee

Humane House Mouse Catcher - Humane mouse trap

always peruse your catalog and when I saw the Humane mouse trap and knew that this would [I hope] be the answer to my sister's problem. I ordered them for her and waited for results.. Wow! She was so happy to see the little mouse in the trap, not injured but finishing up his peanut butter. She took the mouse for a long walk and then released him.. She and her husband were amazed at how well these traps are made and also at how many mice they have caught! If one wants something well made and effective, buy it from your company.
- Nancy K. Laskey

Solid Brass 14" Tall Hurricane Lamp - Brass Hurricane Lamp

I've been looking for an oil lamp for some time now. This hurricane lamp fits my style. It has a nostalgic brass look and is essential if I lose electrical power. At first I thought it was to big but after lighting it a few times the size is perfect. Thank you Garrett Wade for one of many essential items I've purchased from your company.
- J Mack

9-1/2" Replaceable Ryoba Saw - New favorite tool!!!

WHERE HAS THIS SAW BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!! This was my first time using the Japanese saw and it has inspired me to do so much more. this is also my first time ordering from Garrett Wade; and let me say I have definitely found my source for all my tool chest filler! Thanks Garrett Wade.
- Derek

Folding Scissors - Perfect Gifts for the Best of Friends

I have purchased three of these folding scissors to be used as gifts. Now I have ordered two more sets as gifts. The first pair were for my wife, who was totally impressed enough to show them to her friends and never travels without them. I have never been asked to sharpen them and they have never lost the "spring" that keeps them closed and in the really nice leather case. Really precise tools are hard to find. These scissors are in the finest category and will be given to the wife's dearest friends. Perfect gifts and worth every penny. Garrett Wade succeeds again! Thank you! I am a hero for finding the perfect gifts.
- Michael and Emily Young

Brass-Bound Wood Rules - Another Quality Product from an Incredible Comp...

Another quality product from an incredible company! The ruler fits the Odd-Job perfectly and is very useful all on its own. You can never go wrong with Garrett Wade! If you want a high quality, long-lasting product, pick up this ruler from Garrett Wade right now...it is incredible!
- Kent D. Hansen

Grandpa's Weeder - MR>

Ordered my weed puller on Wed received the order the next day. Tried it out pulled the weeds just as it was advertised .
- Andrew Presswood

Improved Restorers Pry Bars - High Quality Tools For Demo Work And More

These 3 pry bars deserve some recognition. I used them to help remove some cabinets in my kitchen. Within minutes I had the cabinets off the wall and using these prybars made it seem like nothing. Easy to use and heavy duty. These will last a lifetime and have many uses. Thaks GW for another well made product.
- Darrell