The Acrobat

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The Acrobat
An exceptional mechanical creation
58T05.01 The Acrobat

Available 10/02/2020


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Every year a small family owned German toy maker makes only a handful of the “The Acrobat” – simply a toy like no other; we have a very limited stock. What makes this the crème de la crème of all toys is the mysterious internal mechanics that allows the ‘Tumbler’ to backward somersault/back-flip his way down the stepped levels with his own motion. No winding, no battery - just pure genius. We still haven’t worked out how it works.

The original ‘Tumbler’ dates from the 1850’s. The modern toy-maker today has always had a passion to revive the antique acrobat and the secret of his movement. With many hours of experimenting with weights and levers he has brought this exotic figure back to life.

It’s truly a wonderful gift that will enthrall anyone that sees it do its mysterious trick – it will “flip you out” again and again (just like the Tumbler). The Acrobat is snugly fitted into his jewel of a box (7” x 4-1/4”) that opens up to be a 3-tiered stage for The Acrobat to show off his flippin’ skills. Huzzah! Totally hand made. Nothing like it. Exceptional. Each is numbered and signed by the maker.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Toy Contains Small parts. Collectible Not Intended as a Toy.

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  • A treasure guaranteed to bring you joy!

    lou2u, 12/13/2019 A delightful throwback from the19th century which never ceases to amaze. Precision engineering is the key to the Acrobat's performance, and quality construction make it an heirloom for tomorrow. It's a wonderful gift for anyone who pays attention to detail, and loves a good mystery!
  • Amazing toy. Shameful packaging.

    Beverly Hilfinger, 1/9/2016 Amazing toy. We were very disappointed that it was so inadequately packaged. Arrived with no padding in the box whatsoever and both feet were broken off. Takes some skill to operate but the mechanism is inspiring and mesmerizing.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on The Acrobat. We're pleased that you are happy with this toy. Thanks for letting us know about the packaging. We will most certainly address this issue. In the meantime, we will be in touch with you regarding a replacement.
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