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The Artful Wooden Spoon
$ 27.95
This is a gorgeous book, lavishly illustrated with over 200 beautifully shot photos of wooden spoons of all shapes, sizes and wood types, all of them the creations of master woodworker Joshua Vogel. The text guides you through his working philosophy and introduces the fundamental techniques and tools of this deceptively simple-seeming craft. Step by step instructions lead the reader through wood selection and the basics, while the photos serve both as clear guides and inspiring examples.

Even if you have no intention of ever making a spoon, the sheer aesthetic pleasure to be found in the images here make this a book to treasure or give as a cherished gift. And if, after looking at the images and reading the text, you find yourself thinking “Maybe I could do that,’ so much the better. The feeling of creating an object by hand is deeply satisfying (even if the first results aren’t as perfect as the spoons in the photos). This book will make a great gift to be cherished and returned to again and again.
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