The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

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The Complete Compost Gardening Guide
25L05.06 The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

Available 10/19/2018


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Starting with the “Six Basic Rules” and “Five Foundation Tools” of composting, through a thorough examination of what materials should be composted, the best sources of compostable material and how, when and where to compost it. And that’s just the first couple of chapters! The Complete Compost is the most comprehensive, knowing, easy-to-follow, how-to, why-to Gardening Guide to Composting that we are ever likely to see, written by experts who clearly have a passion and express it very well.

Step-by-step instructions on planning, choosing and building a composter (pile) that best suits your individual needs, with a huge section on every composting technique we know and many we’re dying to try – like vent pipes, honey holes and a triple-decker worm chalet. Includes an exceptionally welcome chapter on the ways different garden plants and vegetables get the most from your composting efforts – an efficiency expert’s look at your garden rubbish pile. Beautifully photographed (even the worms) and illustrated, a must read.

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